Friday, September 9, 2016

Seen in Cairo : Zero Safety measures !!

I  saw that scene in Cairo while I was on my way to home from work : A group of workers trying to set up a huge billboard near Ramses Hilton hotel.
I filmed it while I was in a car, I was not driving.

They were trying to set it up without real safety measures to protect their lives considering where they were standing and how the street below them was buzzing with cars near Ramses Hilton.
I took a photo before for those workers in December in the same location. I even filmed them in a short vine clip.

It looked even more dramatic and breathtaking at night while the workers appear like a silhouette facing the big lights
I also took a similar photo for workers setting up a billboard in Giza governorate in January.
It is a scary job but it is a job after all even without safety measures.
Despite it is a multi-million business especially we are speaking a billboard in a very strategic exposed place in the heart of Cairo , I feel there is no much attention or care about the lives of those workers. 

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