Wednesday, November 2, 2016

And ElBaradei is speaking up about what happened in summer 2013

Recently , Egypt's former VP Mohamed ElBaradei has been very active on his twitter account criticizing directly and indirectly what is happening in Egypt. As usual , the Pro-regime media slams him spreading lies about him day and night.
There is nothing new about that but something happened on Tuesday turning the table upside down.
On Tuesday afternoon, ElBaradei issued a long statement on his official Facebook page in Arabic slamming the Pro-regime media directly and the regime indirectly.
In his statement ,the former vice-president spoke about his role starting 3 July until 14 August 2013 including his short time as the vice president of interim president Adly Mansour.
Here is the statement after the break.

I think most of what was mentioned in the statement , ElBaradei said it before but there are some points I think he did not mention it before and they are extremely interesting.

He revealed that he and other political powers and parties representatives only knew about the detention of former Islamist president Mohamed Morsi by the army during their meeting with "SCAF" on the morning of 3 July 2013.

"The options then became extremely limited and of course having early presidential elections was no longer an option." ElBaradei said defending himself "I guess for the first time" against critics.

Many people have been asking about the fate of the first demand of 30 protests "having early presidential elections"  and ElBaradei gives us a hint on what happened.
He also revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party leader was invited to that SCAF meeting but he did not show up as Morsi was detained.

"According to the new reality, there were a detained president and millions in the squares protesting , my priority then was to avoid civil unrest and keeping it peaceful through the political transitional road map." He said in his statement.

He spoke about the forcible dispersal of Pro-Morsi sits-in especially in Rabaa.
ElBaradei resigned on the same day if you remember on 14 August 2013.
He also revealed that from 30 June till 3 July , there were secret talks between SCAF and the Muslim Brotherhood.
"Maybe , if the secular powers knew about those talks , they could have tried to reach a solution between the two parties."He said.

"There is a lot of examples I can add regarding deception and lies as well how the {25 January} revolution was hijacked , a thing that led to what we suffer from now" He added in the end.
"I am stopped only by this critical time the nation is passing through." He said dropping the mic and referring to the economic crisis indirectly.
Mohamed ElBaradei "Reuters"

ElBaradei defended the International Atomic Energy Agency "IAEA" and its role in Iraq.
He denied for the zillion time the rumors spread by the regime media whether in time of Mubarak or Sisi that He "ElBaradei" and IAEA were behind the invasion of Iraq.
He also slammed on how his personal telephone calls were aired on MP Abdel Rahim Ali's TV show "he did not mention his name" including his call with a US official asking the US government to aid Egypt financially.
Ali claimed that that telephone call was between a CIA officer and ElBaradei !!
Anyhow, the statement became the talk of the Egyptian social media especially on twitter in short time for his release.

Up till the early hours of Wednesday , #ElBaradei hashtag in Arabic was top trending in Egypt.
As expected such statement angered many people above them the regime supporters as well the Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

The MB supporters say that he is too late to speak about what happened in July 2013 especially when it comes to Morsi's detention.
They are angry that he did not apologize for turning against Morsi from their point of view.
None of them though bothered to speak about the secret talks between the Muslim Brotherhood and SCAF in secret which ElBaradei , who always speaks about national reconciliation mentioned it in his statement.

The Pro-Sisi regime supporters are furious.
The Pro-Sisi TV hosts band including names like Ahmed Moussa and Khaled Sala opened their fire and spread lies about ElBaradei.
It is worth to mention from couple of weeks, Moussa published a false tweet for ElBaradei made of nearly 172 characters calling the Egyptian people allegedly to carry arms against the current regime in Egypt !!
The Pro-Sisi Tamarod boys began their attack against ElBaradei as its founders began to call him a liar.
Say whatever about ElBaradei but the old man got more creditability than Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and Mahmoud Badr.
Personally ,  I am asking myself that same question many are asking and can't find an answer now.
Why now ?
Why does ElBaradei choose this time to address those points with the Egyptian people ?
Time will answer that question of Why !!
And Just like what he said in his long statement "God protect Egypt and its people"


  1. During the January Revolution days.
    El Barack was not Revolutionary.
    I remember once the Youth in medan El Tahrer asked him to Represent the
    Revolution people in s meeting with the Military Council... he went and just had Coffee with the generals
    Aso he did withdraw more than once from the Presidential Elections!!!!!
    He is not a man of actions...talks and analyses are good for history books.
    What He did for the Revolution to Realis the Egyptian People Demands?

  2. In his age he should learn from the
    1952 Egyptian Revolution How it was
    A white Revolution and successful against all anti Revolution Forces
    Plan and Excuse and Fast
    No waste time for just talks.
    Revolution is the Time for Change for better.
    Allah swt Save Egypt


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