Tuesday, November 15, 2016

And here is the Supermoon

Here is the supermoon from Giza late Monday.
I had to take two batches of photos as in the first batch there were clouds all over the moon.
Here are my Supermoon's shots from Monday.
November 2016 Supermoon

November 2016 Supermoon
November 2016 Supermoon
According to what I read the full moon was bigger 13% than usual. I also read that this was the biggest supermoon Earth has seen from 45 years.
Some people thought it would be so huge and were disappointed to find not that big.
It was covered with clouds for hours as I hinted above.

I feel the edited photos gave them that impression.
The moon was big and glowing.
Happy Supermoon everybody.
November 2016 Supermoon
Here is the photos I took yesterday in Giza for the moon before it became Supermoon Monday night.


  1. Beautiful ..... Just Beautiful .

  2. Most Respectful Zeinobia/We in London didnt enjoy as you did in CAIRO the SuperMOON on Monday 11-14-2016 night..but very pleased of all the Historic SNAP-Shots you displayed..+BRAVO!!it was really QAMAR or AMAR 14 (Arbaa-tash), that^s why i watched that old Egyptian movie>> with that title 1947?? Starring Late BLONDE Actress Cammilia + Mahmoud Zol FIQ-KAR + Comedians Hassan FA-YEQ & Abdel fattah al QUSSARY... and as you say in Egypt>>> WESH-SHAK WALA WESH EL AMAR?..I SAY ON THIS PHOTO SETS >>> BID-ET SOUWAREK WALLA BID-ET AL AMAR ??in other words..MARVELLOUS SNAPS/..THANK YOU ZEINOBIA + YAMMA AL AMAR AL BAB<< thanks to your Blog Zeinobia/. from:London/I.Barsoumian

  3. جميل ماشالله ... عندنا كان مش كبير اوي في الرياض


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