Monday, December 26, 2016

Seen in Alexandria : Spring time a la corniche

Alexandria's corniche in Bahry
Alexandria's corniche in Bahary 
Just as thunderstorms and rain hit Alexandria right now, I remember how beautiful and calm it was in May. 
Here is a quick shot I took while I was in the car to the famous Alexandria's corniche and people enjoying their time at the popular Bahary quarter. 
Needless to say, the famous Corniche is currently "renovated" by the authorities.
The army's tourism subsidiary is building a huge touristic project where Al-Salam Theatre was once located and it seems that the Corniche is part of that project in Sidi Gaber.
The Alexandrians are rejecting that project and how it would destroy their famous Corniche. A group of them launched a campaign online rejecting that project.
That group even organized a small silent protest at the famous Stanely Bridge early December that I knew about it only from the social media.
Part of that protest in Alexandria against the destruction of the Corniche
'Live From Alexandria'

I am lucky that I saw Alexandria this year as it is. 😕😑😑 

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