Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Abou Trika , the hearts terrorist and the curse of stupidity in Egypt

Some people are saying what happened late Tuesday night was a pathetic attempt from the Egyptian government to divert the attention from Tiran and Sanafir political crisis but it seems that attempt failed anyhow.
Mohamed Abou Trika
Mohamed Abou Trika 
Late Tuesday, Al-Shorouk Daily announced that Cairo's Criminal Court added popular ex-footballer Mohamed Abou-Trika and 1499 others including public and political figures to a terror list.
Al-Shorouk Daily published a copy from the court order that surprised and shocked millions of Egyptians.
According to that court order, he is banned from travel and he may get arrested upon arrival to Cairo.
He is currently in Doha.
In May 2015, Abou Trika's assets and funds were confiscated by a government committee because he was officially accused of being a Muslim Brotherhood member.
For two years, he and his lawyers fought that order.
In June 2016, Egypt's Administrative court canceled the decision to confiscate his money but the government appealed it.
On 10 January 2016, the Administrative court upheld the June 2016 court ruling.
Now, many Egyptians are cursing the government and the regime above all.
Whoever thought about this right after Tiran and Sanafir verdict is so stupid !!! All people are really angry that the most beloved footballer in the last decade is being treated as a terrorist in his own country.
Last month, this man played in the FIFA team along with Football legends like Maradona
Abou-Trika is currently in Doha, Qatar where he works as a top football analyst in BeIN Sports.
He appeared on the channel during one of the AFCON 2017 football matches but he did not comment on what happened at all.
The popular football star appeared smiling.
Abou Trika
Abuo Trika on BeIN sports on Wednesday 

His lawyer said that they are going to appeal against the decision to list him as a terrorist.
He has not commented yet about what happened on his official twitter account.
Back in Egypt, there is a lot of support to him.
As we are speaking about the most popular and admired as well talented striker Egypt has seen in the past ten years.
There are several hashtags in Arabic supporting the former Al-Ahly star like #Trika , #Abou_Trika_is_not_a_Criminal  ,#Abou_Trika_is_not_a_terrorist  and #If_Trika_is_terrorist_and_I_am_terrorist
My favorite hashtag is the #hearts_terrorist
Even pro-Regime TV hosts like Lamis El-Hadidy and Wael Al-Abrashi are criticizing the decision.
Boldly, Pro-regime TV host Tamer Amin told the popular ex-footballer to return back home and to donate to the Presidential Fund "Long Live Egypt" even LE 1,000 to get off this list !!
Yes, Amin said that on air !!

It is worth to mention that Pro-regime media has used to attack Abou Trika and accused him of being a Muslim Brotherhood and funding the Pro-Morsi Raba'a sit in.
Yes, he supported Mohamed Morsi but not publicly as other ex-footballers did.
The Truth for real is that Abou Trika was blacklisted by the Egyptian regime when he stood with Ahly Ultras fans in February 2012 after the terrible massacre of Port Said stadium which he witnessed.
The legend says that he refused to meet with Federal Marshal Tantawy, the head of SCAF then after the massacre.
Anyhow, this crisis proved that he is truly the king of hearts for real not in Egypt only but in the Arab world.
Maradona and Abou Trika
Trika with football legends including Maradonna earlier this month 

I could not believe the amount of popularity of this man in North Africa countries.

More to follow inshallah tomorrow because there are 1499 others in that list

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