Saturday, January 21, 2017

Seen in Alexandria : A view from the Greek Club

Alexandria's Greek club Egypt
Source: Instagram
Seen in Alexandria: A view showing boats and yachts from the famous Greek club's restaurant in one fine afternoon in May 2016.
The Greek Club's restaurant is currently one of the most hotspots in Alexandria due to its great seafood as well greek food and an amazing view overlooking the port.
The Greek Club or the Greek Community club in Alexandria was originally founded in 1906 in another location as a social gathering place for the Greek community in the cosmopolitan city.
The original club was destroyed during the air strikes of the Nazis in the WWII and a new club was built in the current location in the famous Bahry quarter near Qatibay citadel.
Here are photos from the club and its exclusive beach in the 1960s and 1970s
Alexandria's Greek club in 1960s
The Greek club in the 1960s
The Greek club in the 1970s 
There are other Greek clubs in Egypt, the most famous one is in Downtown Cairo in the famous Groppi building.
I think there is another Greek club in Port Said if I am not mistaken.
The Greek community in Egypt has been already the biggest foreign community since the 19th century. To speak about the contribution of the Greek in Egypt in the 20th century in one post will be unfair.
Currently, there are 4000 Greeks living in Egypt according to the 2010 census.
More photos from our time. 
The view from there is breathtaking for real.
Small and bigger boats of Alexandria
The view from the Greek club in May 
Alexandria's boats and Yachts
Another view of the port from the Greek club
From Greek club roof
You can see the city from the bay 
The city and the ships
Boats from every type and size 
It is highly recommended to drop by the Greek club's restaurant if you are in Alexandria.


  1. Abbey Anderson1/25/2017 08:16:00 AM

    How does the Egyptian culture react to foreigners traveling to or seeking refuge in Egypt?

    1. In a very good way ,Alexandria is an example whether in the Past or now as currently we got huge Syrian refugee community there as well in Cairo


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