Friday, February 17, 2017

It is a matter of time to see MP Sadat outside the Parliament for real

It is only matter of time to see MP Mohamed Anwar El- Sadat expelled from Egypt's House of Representatives "HOR".
On Sunday, the Egyptian House of Representatives' Ethic committee recommended that MP Anwar El-Sadat should be stripped of his parliamentary membership in what can be the latest escalation between the Parliament and the veteran MP.
The leader of the Development and reform party is officially found guilty by the Ethics committee of allegedly sending secret state information to the Inter-parliamentary union , leaking the draft NGO law to foreign embassies and faking the signature of 15 MPs.
This saga started last August and you can see this coming following the decision of Sadat to resign as head of the Parliament's human rights committee.
Things escalated between him and parliament speaker Ali Abdel Aal.
MP Anwar El-Sadat and Parliament speaker Abdel Aal 
In January, MP El-Sadat questioned the parliament speaker on why the parliament spent LE 18 million from the House of Representatives' budget to buy three cars for three members including Abdel Aal himself.
El-Sadat revealed that those three cars were not included in the original HOR's annual budget for the year 2015/2016 but they were added later as a 'loan' from the National investment bank.
The outspoken MP stated that the three cars were bought in February 2016 slamming the decision to purchase those cars when the Parliament owns too many cars in a time of an economic crisis.
It turned out that the parliament purchased one of the most expensive armored cars for its speaker.

This was the last straw when it comes to the confrontation between the two men in January.
Some say that El-Sadat intended to expose this matter publicly knowing that he may get expelled eventually.

Angry like hell, Abdel Aal vowed to hold those who leaked the parliament's budget to the media "!!!" accountable and that leaking that budget was a "national security" matter.
Sooner photos of Ali Abdel Aal's parliamentary cars found their ways to the media and the speaker warned us that those who took photos of his cars were actually making it easier for terrorists to assassinate him !!
According to Bitawqit Masr TV show on Al-Araby TV, the Parliament allocates six Mercedes-Bens cars to Ali Abdel Aal alone !!

Still,El-Sadat is not giving the fight easily.
He stated that he was in Prague when the committee reached to its recommendation and that he got a call from some unnamed MP in the committee warning that "things may get beyond stripping his membership".

He also told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the committee ignored his defense or request that the General prosecution would investigate those allegations but still he was not amazed from what happened.
Sadly,  El-Sadat said that he may quit politics altogether if his parliamentary membership is stripped.
He already filed a complaint against him at the Prosecutor General demanding him to investigate the accusations and claims of the parliamentary committee that he leaked the draft law to foreign embassies.
It is worth to mention that Sadat was replaced by  Free Egyptians Party MP Alaa Abed as the head of the human rights committee who is ironically chased by allegations of torture during Mubarak's rule.
The former police officer as well NDPian Abed is denying those charges but the internet got an archive of that infamous case he is involved in it along with other questionable accusations.
This tells you much about parliament we have got.

What I see in the House of Representatives that any kind of opposition is not welcomed.
The very few opposition MPs who dare to speak for the public or to question the government are living hell despite they are not more than 10 MPs.
Leftist MP Haitham El-Hariri is under constant attack in the Pro-regime media that does not stop spreading rumors about him.

I won't be surprised to find him refer to the ethics committee eventually.
I said it before and  I will say it again.
This House of Representatives needed late Talaat El-Sadat and not his polite brother Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat.

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