Saturday, March 4, 2017

The expected final acquittal of Mubarak

On Thursday, Cairo court of Cassation officially acquitted ousted President Mubarak in the final stage of his retrial for killing the protesters during the 18 days of the January revolution.
The verdict of the cassation court can be appealed and thus the 88-years-old ousted president is off the hook when it comes to the killing of the protesters.
This case or rather trial since its start in 2011 seemed to be a farce as the prosecutor general gathered a very poor case to stand in the court especially in the retrial.
The court of cassation has not issued its reasoning on why it acquitted him but his defense team is saying that Habib El-Adly and his aides involved in the case were acquitted and thus it was logical for the court to acquit him.
Hosni Mubarak
Hosni Mubarak transferred to court from Maadi military hospital
 to court on Thursday by a helicopter (AP/Amr Nabil)
Now a quick timeline to Mubarak's trial involving the killing of the protesters in the 18 days of the January revolution aka the trial of the century.
In June 2012, the Criminal court sentenced Mubarak to a life sentence in jail for giving the orders to kill the protesters during the 18 days of the January revolution.
In January 2013, the Court of Cassation overturned the conviction and ordered a retrial for Mubarak and Adly as well the rest of the defendants.
In November 2014 the Criminal court acquitted Mubarak and the co-defendants in the retrial reasoning the prosecution initial decision to refer Mubarak to court in 2011 lacked the legal basis.
On Thursday, the court of Cassation rejected the appeal of prosecution and upheld the acquittal of Mubarak.
If you look carefully to the dates, you will know the stages of the January revolution itself.
According to journalists who covered the "trial of the century" that no one is following carefully as before, the prosecution's evidence presented to the court in retrial was weak, too weak to stand in any court.

Gamal Mubarak
Gamal Mubarak looking from the window of Mubarak's suite at
Maadi military hospital to his father's supporters in the street
on Thursday (AP/Amr Nabil)
The acquittal is very expected in our time where all the men and faces of Mubarak are having a strong comeback.
I am not a legal expert but I think you need a new case with new evidence to present to the court once again from scratch to convict him for the killing of the protesters.
I do not know when this can happen.
Now the official question after the acquittal of Mubarak and his men: Who killed the protesters ??
The Pro-regime/Mubarak/Sisi/State supporters and media are that the Muslim Brotherhood,Hamas and Hezbollah.
Those who lived the 25 January revolution and its 18 days know exactly what happened and who really killed the protesters.
Mubarak is the no.1 defendant in the killing of the rebels
State-owned Al-Akhbar quoting the first fact-finding committee
assigned by SCAF to investigate what happened in January 2011 
The whole world knows as this history is documented in photos and videos.
Despite Mubarak is officially not convicted of killing the protesters, he is officially convicted of corruption in January 2016.
According to that conviction, he should have lost the privileges as an ex-president and should not be granted a military funeral.
Mubarak is up till now staying at this suite in Maadi Military hospital. It is unclear if he will leave the Maadi hospital now or not but he is free to go.
His sons Alaa and Gamal Mubarak have been active recently when it comes to public appearance.
Justice will come sooner or later whether this life or the life afterward if you believe in it.


    Rahman Allah swt our Martians since
    January 2011.
    The Hell with Mubarak and El Alley and
    Their gangs.

  2. So, when will Egypt make Gamal Mubarak its next god (above the previously deified Sisi)?

    A political system setup to worship the worst in the country is a crime against humanity.

  3. So now he goes back to living the good life, (whats left of it), in his mansion on the Red Sea? Probably enough wealth left intact between him and Suzanne

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