Friday, April 14, 2017

What happened to Apple's FaceTime in Egypt ??

Move aside dear Signal because it seems that Apple's FaceTime is blocked in the country as well.
Since the beginning of the week, Apple's iPhone users in Egypt reported that they can not FaceTime in the country anymore.
I tried twice with a friend of mine two days in a row and found the following:
Apple's FaceTime and its big moment in the Middle East
last year in Turkey
You can call your contact whether using video or voice chat and he or she will receive that call.
Once he or she answers the call, you can not see or hear her or him.
You can see yourself only if you are having a video chat.
This is what we have concluded from our experience.
We tried this on TEData Wi-Fi and Orange mobile networks.
I do not know about Etisalat and Vodafone thought.
If you are iPhone user in Egypt , please try it and share your experience in the comments section. 


  1. Not working over TEData/Vodafone too ��

  2. Not working on my Mac either on Vodafone DSL. Skype isn't working as well

  3. No I have not been able to use FaceTime over my mobile using vodaphone, or my wifi at home on my Mac or iPad using Orange for about a week now. I'm also not able to connect with friends/family through Skype, Viber, or What's App calling feature.

  4. FaceTime is not working but I was able to skype through Wifi (TE Data). Please recommend any solution if any for FaceTime

  5. I've been trying to use FaceTime for the past week. The call connects with no problems and I also receive calls. However the duration of those calls lasts about 10 seconds before no sound can be heard. That's with regards to FaceTime audio. Video is merely a blank screen and occasionally the frozen face of the one I'm calling. Having said that I managed to make an audio call today for about 45 mins. So maybe the block is unblocked. Or maybe I got lucky. Whatever the case may be, it's been a crappy week without FaceTime.

  6. Skype is blocked if you're using cellular data, but should work on WIFI. What I heard is that facetime got blocked as a security measure due to the incidents that happened a few days ago! Will it be un-blocked again? I doubt it!

  7. Well guys I think we have a problem for real.

  8. It's not working with me too via (TE Data Wifi or Etisalat mobile data) but it worked once every three days by luck but most of the time it's as you described with the no sound in call.

  9. Hey Z,

    I am not in Egypt these days. However, I confirm Viber is blocked over Orange DSL. For 3G data, I confirm it is blocked for Vodafone customers, but not for Orange. As for facetime, I don't use apple products but so far it seems to be blocked. I had to reactivate facebook to use its messenger to reconnect with family back home.

    That Sissy on the top is bringing the country down to the bottom.

  10. Same here
    No luck with FaceTime
    Viber working but poor quality
    I had to re-activate Facebook messenger to be able to communicate with family in Egypt


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