Thursday, May 4, 2017

Seen in Alexandria : The Bibliotheca's Planetarium on the go

Bibliotheca Alexandria's Celestial Sphere

Seen in Alexandria on the go:  Bibliotheca Alexandria's Planetarium in one fine May 2016 Afternoon.
The Planetarium is one of the main attractions in the New Bibliotheca Alexandria.
Sadly, I had not been able to visit it nor visit Bibliotheca Alexandria in my last visit to Alexandria last year. 
Now as I am speaking about Bibliotheca Alexandria briefly, I must pay my respect to the man who revived it who passed away in silence last February.

Mostafa Abady "Moheet" 
Dr. Mostafa Abady "1928-2017" a famous Egyptian Greco-Roman historian was credited for reviving the Bibliotheca Alexandria bringing it back to the 20th century.

Sadly enough, that man died in silence and no one in the media cared to tell the Egyptian people about his role.

You must know that during Mubarak's rule, the media ignored him as usually making the revival of the Bibliotheca as another achievement of Hosni Mubarak and his wife.

I have read that he was not invited to its inauguration in 2002 despite the Bibliotheca Alexandria was his brain child since 1972 !!
I have read also that he was critical of the military rule in Egypt since 1952.
What is sadder was how the mainstream media dealt with his death.
Mostafa Abady is the man who brought the famous Bibliotheca for real to life.
Remember that man and his name.
Remember the thinkers and builders and not the pharaohs.

Please read this great obituary in the Economist about him. 

May God bless his soul.
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