Saturday, August 12, 2017

And we are back to that Presidency forever after talk !!

First of all, I must present my deepest condolences to the families of the Alexandria train tragedy. I can not express how much I am angry as I watch the media coverage of that horrifying incident or rather the lack of media coverage of that incident in the media
What makes me even angrier is the fact that it won’t be the last horrifying train accident of its kind if the current way of governance continues. If we continue not to hold the government truly for its actions, we will continue to have those disasters. I am working inshallah on a post dedicated to that train disaster.
Second, do you remember how I spoke about the upcoming Presidential elections 2018 and how we got no true presidential elections rival to our current president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi?
Do you remember how I spoke in the second half of the post on how some people wanted to change our Egyptian Constitution for the sake of an infinite presidential term?
Casting their votes
Egyptians casting their vote 

Well, last week those people returned to the scene boldly.
On Thursday, an MP in the House of Representatives announced that he would represent a parliamentary petition to amend the current constitution once again as soon as the Parliament started its upcoming session in October.
It is the same MP from February, MP Ismail Serg El-Din of Helwan who presented this petition. MP Serg El-Din wants to amend 6 articles in the current constitution because the current political circumstances demanded those amendments.
He wants to amend article No.140 so the president aka Abdel Fattah El-Sisi would stay in his current presidential term for additional 2 years.
He wants to change the Presidential term to become 6 years instead of 4 years.
The Helwan MP wants to allow Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to be reelected for endless terms instead of just one one reelection only.

Ismail Serg El-Din wants to amend article no.190 concerning the duties of the State Council.
yes, the State Council which is currently at odds with President Abdel Fattah and his administration.
Article No.190 stipulates the following :
The State Council is an independent judicial body that is exclusively competent to adjudicate in administrative disputes, disciplinary cases and appeals, and disputes pertaining to its decisions. It also solely competent to issue opinions on the legal issues of bodies to be determined by law, review and draft bills and resolutions of a legislative character, and review draft contracts to which the state or any public entity is a party. Other competencies are to be determined by law.
Now the MP wants to have a very small amendment to that article which will have a bigger impact on the independence of judiciary and separation of powers in Egypt. He wants to remove the word “Solely” from that phrase which I have highlighted.
I think according to that suggested amendment any other court in the country like for instance the urgent matter court can “issue opinions on the legal issues of bodies to be determined by law , review and draft bills and resolutions of a legislative character and review draft contracts to which the state or any public entity is a party”.
I am not a legal expert but this is how I understood it.
I think I missed covering the latest escalation in that fight
State Council chose Judge Yahia El-Dakroury as a head of State council but El-Sisi decided to go on with his law in July and chose another judge , the fourth senior deputy of the Council’s seven-senior-most deputies.
El-Dakroury did not give the fight thought. In July , he filed a grievance with the presidency according to the law against the decision to bypass him for head of the council as the most senior sitting judge.
In August , He filed an appeal with the High Administrative court to suspend the President’s decree in another escalation that has not been covered as it should in the mainstream media.
Anyhow back to the upcoming 2018 Presidential elections.
Before Ismail Serg El-Din went public with his parliamentary petition , Pro-regime TV hosts and journalists showered us with Op-eds and news reports calling for amending the Constitution they originally supported.
More MPs including prominent faces in the Support Egypt Bloc declared their total support to that suggestion.
Interestingly, the Chairman of Constitution 2014 committee and former Presidential Candidate Amr Moussa appeared once again publicly defending the constitution and slamming the attempt to amend it in order to extend the Presidential terms in an official statement.

He said on his official twitter account the following :
The Constitution is a sign of stability in the nations, respecting the constitution is a sign of sophistication in the people’s political life. 
Calls to amending the constitution in the year to elect the President raises question marks about the political maturity of those standing behind those calls. Egypt is in a need to deepen stability and not to spread tensions , it needs a respect to the constitution and not to doubt it. The constitution is not above amendments but it is wisely to choose a time that is perfect politically for the sake of Egyptians and Egypt especially in those hard times.
This matter “The Constitution amendments” should be discussed by the society in parallel with smart politics before any move to suggest or officially discuss amendments.
The Constitution should be protected by the Egyptian people especially by the House of Representatives which I trust to be responsible enough to activate the Constitution instead of amending it.

In 2016 , Moussa and a group of Prominent figures including members of the Constitution committee announced the launch of “The Egyptian Institution to protect the Constitution” NGO to raise awareness about that 2014 Constitution against the calls to amend it then.
During then , late  MP Sameh Seif El-Yazel stated that the articles concerning the President’s powers should be amended.
Back to 2017 , Amr Moussa is currently being attacked by the Pro-regime supporters on social media claiming that he is a MB supporter !!!!!!!!
I feel that there will be more talk and more attempts to delay the upcoming presidential elections.
By the way the Egyptian Parliament approved in July a law to eliminate judicial supervision of Elections by 2024


  1. 41 dead, 179 injured?! Oh God, those poor people. I hope the survivors sue the hell out of the train company. I'm sure someone in the major US media must have reported on this tragedy, but I read a lot of news, and I didn't learn about this until now (thank you for the thorough roundup), so it must have been undeservedly hidden below the fold. To be fair, ever since Trump, headlines here are hugely dominated by Donald-related stuff, so maybe there just wasn't room?

  2. Sissy is president for life.
    Z, please don't deny that despite all hardships, 90% of Egyptians still see him as the saviour and protector of Egypt. Regardless of how we see that shithead, but majority of Egyptians, the poor lads in the street, vendors, crooks, thugs, Tant Nany in Gezira Club, Aunti Soso in Heliopolis Club, Mohsen Beeh and Madame Nani in Hacienda wel basha el soghayar in diplo, we 3am Farag EL bawab, and the poor peasants....etc, Mostafa the microbus driver, Sayyed the plumber, Ostaz Mikhaeel in that government office....all these folks see him as the only hope and solution for Egypt.

    These people would blame all his irrationality, incompetency and ruthlessness to the people around him. We need to work on this ignorant majority and enlighten them, or otherwise wait for another miracle to happen. Egypt is literally going down the drains. Let him be president for life, let him be a a new God.


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