Saturday, August 26, 2017

Internal displacements by Conflicts in 2017 : Still not so good

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre “IDMC” released its mid-2017 report about Internal displacement worldwide whether by conflicts or natural causes.
According to the Geneva-based international NGO, conflicts as well violence and natural disasters caused more than 9.1 million people have bee displaced internally in their countries around the globe since January till the end of June 2017.

IDMC says that 4.6 million displacements were caused by conflicts and violence in 29 countries while 4.5 million displacements were caused by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and cyclones in the first half of the year 2017.
So far Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, and Syria still lead the world when it comes to internal displacement caused by conflicts and violence whether in 2016 or in the first mid half of 2017.

Here is a graph I made comparing the numbers between 2016 and the first half of the year 2017.

There is ongoing war in Syria and Mosul’s liberation since 2016 forced many Iraqis to leave their homes.
The big surprise for me is to find Congo on the top of the list in both years somehow because unlike Syria or Iraq, there is not enough media coverage of what has been happening there.
Since August 2016, the war between the Kamwina Nsapu militias and Congo’s security forces in Kasai resulted in the death of more than 3000 people and the displacement of nearly 1.4 million others so according to the UN as well the Catholic Church in July. Atrocities are reported hugely in that ongoing war from recruiting children as soldiers, ethnic cleansing, and massacres committed by all parties involved including State security forces. The militias also believe in witchcraft and voodoo too.
A displaced child holding onto his teddy bear "Getty"
Egypt got no entries in the Internal displacement by conflicts in 2017 or 2016 despite Egyptian Christians were forced to leave North Sinai in February 2017 and before them, families from Rafah were forced to leave their homes because of that buffer zone created by the Egyptian armed forces.
The IDMC acknowledges this in its report about Egypt on its official website. It only speaks about 78,000 people internally displaced by the eviction in 2014 and 2015

Simply that there is information or enough credible data about the forced displacements in North Sinai because there is a complete media blackout imposed by the government there.

The only official statements coming from North Sinai regarding the War on terrorism there is the official Egyptian armed forces’ Spokesperson and that’s it. It is sad and frustrating because I feel that the people who were forced to leave their homes in North Sinai whether Muslims or Christians are angry that the people back in the valley do not help them as they should.

I am afraid the people of the valley are in the dark for real

Most people focus on refugees who cross their borders in search for a better life yet internally displacement people are also in extreme need of help and care.

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