Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Let’s sign this UN agreement if we do not have cases of forced disappearance in Egypt

I won’t comment on the going BBC report by veteran correspondent Orla Guerin about the crackdown on dissidents in Egypt or the crusade declared by the Egyptian regime and its media arms especially the State Information service especially with its Short bitter recent history with the BBC because it is getting sillier by the minute.

The only thing I can say that Guerin should not have focused on the case of Zubeida especially Egyptian human rights activists working on the forced disappearance file questioned it before and Amr Adeeb should not have accepted to conduct a very odd interview with traumatized Zubeida  and her strange husband at the headquarter of the Egyptian Ministry of interior after claiming it was at her house a day earlier !!!!!!!!!!
Poor Zubeida for real as she appeared on TV earlier this week 
By the way, Zubeida’s mother has been arrested and some concerned lawyer sued her in front the criminal court for spreading lies against Egypt and no journalist was able to reach Zubeida and her husband so far except Adeeb.

Updated on 2/3: Mrs. Mona Ahmed, Zubeida's mother is detained 15 days pending investigation in Egypt for a number of charges above them spreading false news or as commonly known in the world as fake news. Human rights activists report that her lawyer has gone missing since Thursday.  

P.S There are other cases in the BBC World’s report by the way.
All that I can say about that ongoing debate about the forced disappearance is the following.

If we do not have cases of forced disappearance in Egypt according to what the Egyptian president as well the Egyptian government say and that those all disappeared people have joined ISIS “ several cases indeed joined that death cult group” , why does not Egypt sign the United Nations' International Convention for the protection of all persons from enforced disappearance !??

Former vice president and Nobel prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei reminded us with that on Twitter on Wednesday.
Already signing this agreement will make the Egyptian state looks more committed to the universal human rights internationally.
It is better than thousand PR campaigns that cost the country millions of dollars.
The agreement goes with our constitution and our laws.
This is a very important question and I believe that we should call for signing the International Convention for the protection of all persons from enforced disappearances.

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  1. Talking of big goals, BBC scored 4 big goals in this report against a poor suspicious goal by the state (subject to replay of the Zubieda interview by a an impartial media venue).


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