Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 14 “The Transformation ”

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Tonight we will continue our tale for this Ramadan, the tale of the Amazing tales challenge as we listen to the 275
You can hear the 14th episode of our Podcast for this year right after the break.

Old Nomaan arrives in the Underworld Kingdom. He is still being deceived by devilish Rouh and her king Haddam.
Haddam tells him that if he wants to marry Rouh than he must complete his job and convince the princes that they must divide their kingdom into three parts.
By Edmund Dula 

Shocked and angry, the Old grand priest refuses and so Haddam reveals himself and Shapeshift back to his old self: As an Ifrit.
The priest tries to kill him but in vain because he begins his transformation.
He begins to be transformed from a Djnn to a low-class devilish demon aka Ifrit as a result of his treason and how he surrendered to his lust.
Now as an Ifrit, he does what he is being ordered without any remorse.
He goes back to the Priests temple at the same time the King and his brothers ask for his opinion. The two brother Masood and Masa’ad want to divide the kingdom into three kingdoms whereas King Saeed follows his father’s will and insists that they should remain united.
Wicked Nomaan tells them to go and leave him for three days so he will worship God and take a clue on what they shall do.
After three days, the three Djinns come and ask him what they shall do.
The new Ifrit deceives and tells that he dreamt of their late father who orders them to divide the kingdom into three kingdoms where One will take the Priests Island and the other one will take the Emerald isles, while Saeed got his kingdom to rule,
Nomaan, the traitor priest goes back to the Underworld Kingdom for new instruction
Again mission accomplished for Haddam and his minions.

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