Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 13 “The Inheritance ”

Good evening, tonight we will continue our tale for this year, the tale of the Amazing tales challenge.
Tonight we are going to hear the episode No.274 of Egyptian State Radio’s “One Thousand and One Nights” Show created by the Godfather of Egyptian radio Mohamed Shaaban and written by Taher Abu Fasha.
It is an interesting episode full of actions.
You can hear it after the break.

Old Grand priest Nomaan goes back to the Djinn kingdom deceived by the love of so-called Rouh and determinant to get her the invisible cap.
Flying horse
A flying horse
His spiritual seclusion has finished now and it is a big event in the Djinn that King Saeed sent his brothers Masood and Masa’ad to congratulate the Grand Priest for his return to the public life.
The old priest fools the two princes and says that he has seen a vision in his seclusion that their father was angry that their brother Saeed did not only took the throne but he also took what they should inherit.
The old priest tells that Saeed should have the throne only where Masood should inherit the Winged horse and Masa’ad should inherit the invisible cap.
The two brother believe him and go to start a fight with their brother who insists that he did not take any inheritance that he is not his.
Evil Rouh goes and meets Nomaan who is sad that he failed in getting the cap as well making the three brothers enemy.
Rouh tells him that it is not a big deal and that they should travel again to her island and see what they Soltan will ask Nomaan to bring if he wants her hand in marriage.
The old fool believes her again and goes once again to he Underground kingdom blinded by love.

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