Thursday, August 9, 2018

International Cat Day : Meet an Egyptian Museum Cat

The Egyptian Museum Cat
That cat is among the famous cats of the Egyptian Museum of Cairo 
One more photo to celebrate the International Cat day and a throwback to my visits to the Egyptian Museum of Cairo.
This was one of its famous cats wondering freely in its corridors and garden. 

Despite many will dislike having cats like that wondering freely in Egypt’s most important museum yet I can’t keep thinking that those cats were once worshiped by our Ancient Egyptian ancestors and the museum got tons of cat statues and mummified cats there.
Mummified Animals section at Egyptian Museum of Cairo
A mummified cat stands in pride at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo 
I do not need to speak about the ancient Egyptian deity Bastest and how up till now in Upper Egypt, the cat is called "besa" but anyone who has visited Egypt can tell you how cats enjoy their lives freely whether in houses or streets. 

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  1. CATS...CATS....I adore them as pets....Clean very Hygienic creatures / CRUEL..BRUTES are all those who Hurt any, BEAUTIFUL...PATIENT....CLEVER and stroking them helps us HUMANS lower blood pressures/strokes/Anxieties, SWEET LITTLE THINGS ...Maybe a bit proud and private and different in character than DOGS?...BUT STILL they know they got home with us...and somewhere safe when in danger or attacked? So they got to keep their liaisons with their owners...INDEED in ancient HISTORY Cats were WORSHIPED & BASTET CATS FIGURINES FOUND in the pyramids /Even THE SPHINX a Lioness figure PHARAOHS believed in SOLAR DEITY SEKHMET?! people?...CAT EYES ? tales/stories have GIGANTIC amount in HUMAN CULTURES....9 SOULS? they say a Cat if anyone HURTS one soul of a CAT ,has 8 others to HAUNT HIM OR HER or whoever??..../live & let live/..People!!
    ONCE in 1977 During the heavy war I FOUND some crowd IN OUR STREET i approached people gathered over a corps of a little kitten ...MIOWING in agony as seems a CAR hit it..AND out of breath (Sorry..tears are in my eyes as i am Emailing even now..after 41 years?!)
    I tried hard to calm it down ITS CORPS was AS cold as an ICE cube/we tried our BEST ...but still WE FAILED ..sadly...YOUNG THING That came into this world TO ENJOY 10 14 years at least ,never did more than 14 days?? a time Hundreds OF HUMANS dying on Beirut STREETS...trying to save a KITTEN? seemed ODD!! but life is life as long as ,we, all GOD'S creatures, INHALE THE SAME AIR!!
    ONE More EVENT?! / My Cousin EDDIE kept a dark black cat...1977 during heavy bombings in Beirut..This cat disappeared?..where is BISSO ? his name/ never found the next morning 6 a.m A huge bomb blast HEARD, VERY CLOSE TO OUR HOME, A CAR BOMB?....SUDDENLY AFTER AN HOUR OR SO BISSO occurred and appeared again/ IT SEEMS its 6..7..8.? sense, made it HIDE in our storage room..9..10 hours without food,as IT Knew something bad was going to occur In those hours?? ''instinct'' MIGHTY CREATOR'S WAY TO KEEP THESE LOVABLE CREATURES..SAFE or ALIVE?!....IF the creator of all awarded them all that ,WHO ARE WE( We too creatures) OR WHY DO WE HURT THEM for??..KICKS?=some get their kicks out of such behaviour..THEY THEMSELVES NEED ..KICKING!!indeed!
    Is-Hak SAHAG BARSOUMIAN/Mr.NostalgiA & animals Lover/LONDON-G.B/-----M~I~O~W


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