Monday, November 5, 2018

Fighting terrorism is not a revenge game in Minya

Earlier Monday, Egypt’s interior minister Mahmoud Tawfik visited in Cairo Pope Tawadros II, the head of Coptic Orthodox to present his condolence officially for the tragic death of seven Christian citizens in the terrorist attack on Friday.

Now why minister Tawfik visits the Pope on Monday to present his condolences after three days, well he is acting according to an authentic Upper tradition: Not mourning, no condolences except after getting the revenge.

From the funeral of the victims on Saturday Roger Anis for Masrawy
From the funeral of the victims on Saturday Roger Anis for Masrawy 
On Sunday, the Egyptian ministry of interior announced that it killed 19 suspected militants allegedly involved in the terrorist attack in the desert of Minya near Samuel the Confessor Monastery with no further details on who they were.

The MOI published graphic photos showing some dead bodies.
No one was caught alive to be interrogated or to stand a trial.
The MOI says that it had no choice to shoot them down because they opened their fire first.
Thus after avenging for the attacking of those citizens on Saturday, the minister can present his condolences !! "According to the traditions, the families of the victims should take their own revenge not the government if we are speaking per the Upper Egyptian book of revenge !!"

 The words “Avenge” and “Revenge” were used repeatedly in the mainstream media.
I am sorry but fighting terrorism according to the law books is something and taking revenge for the victims is another thing that it is opposite to the state of law.
Needless to say many have their doubts about that revenge operation and their doubts raise questions.
Tahrir Institute Research director Allison McManus also hinted out that those suspects had the same set of “Jihadi literature” that was found in a similar raid in 2017.

Anyhow, I do not know if those guys were involved or not but I know that MOI should be a symbol of the state of law not an enforcer of the jungle law !!
Back to Minya city, it turned out that there are small protests by Christian youth in the past two days and the security forces dispersed them.
Those people are angry because they believe that it could have been stopped if there was more security as it should.

I am not surprised that there are angry protests by angry young Christians but I am surprised to know that the Egyptian mainstream media ignores all that is happening.
So far the World Youth Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh is the main event in town.
The people’s source of news so far was the news websites and Facebook.
This is so frustrating on many levels.

Back to the meeting between the Pope and the minister of interior.
I wonder if Minister Tawfik apologized for the mistakes of the security that led to that incident. People from Minya say that there was not enough security on both roads whether the formal or informal to the monastery despite the 2017 attack.

Survivors say that security came late at about 4.30 PM when the attack happened at 1.30 PM which actually explains why the Churchmen in Minya issued statements first before any other official in the country.

The Egyptian Christians do not need avenging reactions, they need proper protection till those horrifying attacks are stopped.
Fighting terrorism should not be done according to the book of the jungle but rather according to the book of law.  

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