Monday, March 25, 2019

Sherine-gate : The problem is not in her big mouth dear Egypt

Once again, popular Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab aka Sherine is in hot water because of what she says on stage and once again lawyer Samir Sabry decides that she must go to jail and the Musicians syndicate believes she must be punished !!
Sherine in Lebabon
Shereen in some concert in Lebanon wearing a cheerful Dolce and Gabbana dress 
Notorious Samir Sabry filed a legal complaint against her accusing her of “insulting Egypt” last week because she said in a concert in Bahrain that “Here I can say whatever I want as in Egypt I can get imprisoned” according to her.

In a very smart move, Sabry decided he should defend the Egyptian state to prove that Sherine is lying that people get imprisoned because of what they say and so he would send her to Jail because of what she said !!

Last week, Sabry claimed an alleged video spread showing her in that concert saying that “Here I can say whatever I want. In Egypt, anyone who talks gets imprisoned.''

Of course, there is a difference between "I can get imprisoned" and "anyone can get imprisoned" and anyone who followed Sherine's career in the past four years will know that she was speaking about herself actually.

Shockingly, the Musicians syndicate jumped into the wagon and decided to punish her as well as banning from performing in Egypt and summoned her for questioning this week because of what she said !!
The Egyptian State TV and Radio also decided not to run her songs too.

This is not the first time Shereen finds herself in hot water because of her mouth nor it is the first time notorious Samir Sabry stalks her like that.

It is his third actually. I do not remember the first time but I remember that in Febru2018, she was sentenced 6 months in prison for allegedly offending Egypt when she ma ade joke about the Nile water in another concert abroad and the whole thing started with a legal complaint by Samir Sabry.
She was acquitted later in May 2018 in the appeal.

She was not kidding when she said that she can't talk because she can go to jail because of what she says, she tried that before.

It seems that Sabry could not forget that.

Ironically Sherine is an outspoken supporter of Sisi since day one.
In late 2013 , she faced huge criticism and boos on stage in Morocco when she cheered for him.
On Saturday , Sherine spoke on Saudi-owned MBC Misr with TV host Amr Adeeb and plead in tears to President Sisi to interfere and save her.

Her husband , famous composer and singer Hossam Habib said that Sherine was a patriot and the evidence on that she rejected to sing in Doha , Qatar.

The good news is that famous singers are standing with Sherine and not giving up on her.

Now my cents

I do not think that the foreign companies would pull its investments in Egypt now because of what a pop Egyptian singer like Shereen said in some concert in some hotel in Bahrain.

The foreign companies and their countries know the situation very well in Egypt and yet they invest and maintain close relations with the current Egyptian administration and government.

The foreign human rights organizations which the government hates so much are not waiting for Shereen to say that people go to jail in Egypt because of what they say to prove there is no freedom of expression in Egypt.

The foreign human rights organizations will actually take the reaction of Samir Sabry and the Musicians syndicate as an example on how freedom of expression is being fought in Egypt even though the government is not involved.

Already any sane person can say that what Sabry and Musicians syndicate have done actually is not good to Sisi administration as this news hit the wires internationally in all languages days after the news that Egypt’s bestselling author Alaa Al-Aswany is facing a military trial because of his new novel “The Republic, as if” which is published abroad.

I do not have doubts that if Sherine said what she had said during that one-year-rule of Morsi , she would be hailed as a freedom of expression heroine and the Musicians syndicate would have stood besides her.

The problem is not in Sherine or her big mouth, the true problem is in lawyer Samir Sabry and the Musicians syndicate.

I totally understand Samir Sabry and what he is trying to do and achieve from that sort of fame but I do not understand the Musicians syndicate and its position.

It should have stood for freedom of expression and defended Sherine against Sabry. They are saying that they are defending the Egyptian National security and with my all due respect  I can’t understand how a singer like Sherine imposes a true threat to the Egyptian National security.

Also , I can’t ignore those people who like to pull out the old photos of Sherine or any other celeb before fame and wealth to prove that they are low bastards with no morals.
Ironically Shereen did not hide her humble Old Cairo roots because she wears Dolce and Gabbana dresses now , on the contrary, she is proud of those roots and actually, it is part of her persona.

Should we discuss Shereen and her big mouth in time of Constitutional amendments discussion ?
Yes , because we are in the end dealing with a constitutional right and that’s freedom of expression as well as the self censorship as represented by the Musicians syndicate.

The problem is not in Sherine's big loud mouth dear Egypt, but in those people who want to shut it up. 

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  1. I'd refer to the article as "tongue in cheek" and very clever of you to get the message across. Will take some thinking however, but the message is clear!


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