Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Earth Day : A beautiful Fayoum Hoopoe on Video

On the occasion of Earth Day, I share with you little video clip I captured in Fayoum governorate in February 2017. I had not seen that number hoopoes in a single place in Egypt like in Fayoum.

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More photos of that beautiful creature after the break

A hoopoe in Egypt's Fayoum
A hoopoe standing on a staircase 
Fayoum has got its amazing location that attracts the migrant birds in their annual migration so you can see many types of birds there unlike any other Egyptian city or governorate.
 Nevertheless, hoopoes live in Fayoum and it seems that modernity has not affected its population there.
Also, I felt that they do not fear humans too. 
A hoopoe in Egypt's Fayoum
A hoopoe searching for food in Fayoum 

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