Saturday, May 11, 2019

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2019 : King Haras Episode 6 "The Five rice grains"

Good evening or Good afternoon or Good morning where ever you are now and reading this post.
Tonight we will start our second tale for this year, the tale of King Haras.
To refresh your memory and to know where we stopped, I recommend you go back and hear last night’s episode.
Now without further ado, you can hear to the Sixth episode or episode no.185 of the Egyptian State Radio’s One Thousand and One Nights show in Arabic after the break.

Now, it is the turn of that horse's owner to share his tale with the king.
The horse’s owner was another foreign who ended up in the kingdom abusing this horse for nearly six months now.

The man whose name is Noman of Morgan island and his father was a wealthy man. They lived in a big palace with servants and slaves serving them.
When Noman became an adult man and according to the customs and traditions he should be married but he would not see the bride except in the island’s temple when the high priest raised his veil.
For his luck, he married a beautiful bridge whose name is Sawsan.

Noman and Sawsan loved each other and lived happily but then our man noticed something strange.
Sawsan does not eat anything she makes except 5 grains of rice on a daily basis.
Noman and Sawsan by H.J Ford
Noman and Sawsan by H.J Ford
Noman does not understand why she does this and she insists that there is nothing wrong it and that she is fine.

He complains to his father who dines with them eventually and sees by his own eyes Sawsan eating only 5 grains of rice.
Ironically, the old man does not see a problem in that but Noman is not convinced. At night Noman felts that his wife is not sleeping and moving around. He decides to follow her to see what she is up to

Tomorrow inshallah we know what Noman finds.

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