Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Rain season in Cairo : It is just the start !! "Updated"

At least 5 people were killed on Tuesday because of rain in Egypt including two children.

 A girl was killed on Tuesday in Nile Delta because of the rain.

A student on her way back home from school, 9-years-old Marwa was electrocuted as the street was flooded in the city of 10th Ramadan in Sharkia governorate as a result of the rain.

Another child was electrocuted too in the street during the rain in a Gharbia governorate village according to Masrawy.com.

Egypt’s government announced on Tuesday that schools and universities would be off in the Grand Cairo province on Wednesday following the rains that hit Cairo and paralyzed its East part.

Already the Egyptian Meteorological Authority announced that Wednesday would witness more rains than Tuesday.

It is worth to mention that the EMA has been warning about the rain for two weeks since the start of October as it is the time of seasonal rains in many governorates.

But what do you know ?? It has become an annual habit to find cities flooded whenever the sky rains a little bit.

It does not rain in Cairo like in other foreign cities or even like in cities like Alexandria but what you know !!
Cairo's Heliopolis, Nasr City and Al-Obour have had their share on Tuesday.

Here is how the Unknown Soldier Memorial looked like today !!
Unknown Soldier Memorial in Cairo
If you do not know the reality behind this photo, you will think it is beautiful
The famous Unknown Soldier Memorial in Cairo with its pyramid shape surrounded by water !!
This rain blew up the traffic in East Cairo because some streets and tunnels were flooded with the watch because of the lack of rain drainage systems as usual.
Here was how Google maps looked like earlier today for hours.
Personally, I believe part of the agony of Cairo traffic today was the fact that the Orouba tunnel was flooded and how traffic was diverted in Heliopolis in general thanks to those new bridges to be built in the area.
Source Facebook "Orouba tunnel flooded and the cars and buses were inside
Needless to say, we are speaking about the Orouba area aka Egypt’s Presidential Palace area.
It is said that this tunnel was constructed to give Mubarak extra security.
You can imagine the comments on that video and that shot.
I must say after the ousting of Mubarak, the Orouba area has been neglected.
That poor man lost his merchandise today
It is no secret that soon enough President El-Sisi will head to the New administrative capital to live there in the New Presidential palace.
This is traffic tonight near the Presidential palace. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has already arrived in Moscow to attend that Africa-Russia summit.

FYI Here is the Egyptian Air Forces’ museum entrance in Salah Salem Street.
The entrance of the museum is flooded
Cairo International Airport’s Internal flights “2” in the first terminal is shut down by the ministry of aviation currently because of water leakage there.
Here is a video showing the water “leakage”
Yes, videos from that terminal were more than shocking and sad.

Yeah, the schoolgirls are tiktoking their moment.
I do not know what the government will say this time !! Wait, the Muslim Brotherhood members destroyed the rain drainage systems !!

I am writing this while I have friends and colleagues who are stuck in traffic on the other side of Cairo and have not returned back to their home stuck in the street.
Traffic tonight in Cairo by Tarek Wajeh 
Already I have found out through social media that there are tens of school buses stuck in Nasr city streets like Salah Nasr till 9 PM.

A friend of mine living in Heliopolis told me that her son’s school bus was stuck in Salah Salem street with kids on its board till 9 PM and parents had to walk to take the kids.

Salah Salem road is already known to be the living hell of Cairo’s bloody traffic but on Tuesday it was a double hell.

Luckily, the schools and universities in Cairo and Giza are off on Wednesday.
FYI the roof of City Center Mall’s garage in Al-Maza collapsed because of the rain while the mall was flooded itself

That mall was just inaugurated from a couple of months ago !!
What we had today was just rain, not heavy rain. 

Ironically people began to share this news from early October how Cairo governorate was getting ready to rain season !! 

It is no use to spend billions and billions of dollars to build a new shiny capital and leave the old capital to rot

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