Saturday, December 21, 2019

It took one tweet from Mesut Ozil to remind the World with the China’s Uighurs

We must thank Arsenal footballer Mesut Ozil for breaking that silence and speaking about this huge elephant in the room aka China’s Persecution to Uighur Muslim ethnicity.
With one Tweet, the German Turkish Muslim Ozil managed to bring the media attention as it should especially on a popular level.

In that tweet in Turkish, the popular Arsenal footballer spoke about the persecution of the Uighur Muslim minority in China sending his greetings to the brothers resisting the Chinese government and its practices.
I do not care if Ozil cared only for the Uighurs because of their ethnicity or religion only. I do not care if he supports Erdogan’s policies.
I only care that he broke that huge silence including the official silence in the Muslim government.
On the contrary, the AKP voted down a suggestion in the Turkish parliament to discuss the Chinese government’s practices against the Uighurs, who are a Turkic ethnic group.
Already Turkey’s Erdogan and his Islamist party AKP do not find anything wrong about China and its policies.
  Muset Ozil of Arsenal
Muset Ozil of Arsenal 
Those systematic policies have been documented by the UN human rights experts in the past two years including those shameful internment camps under the disguise of counter-terrorism and radicalization laws and policies.

In fact, the UN was the first to bring up those internment camps in the open in 2018.
Chinese government invited Ozil to visit those disgraceful camps to see the truth by his own eyes.
The thing is any sane person will feel that there is something wrong and artificial.

BBC was invited among other Westerner media to visit one of those camps and you can see clearly that there is something wrong.
It is fake, it is something coming out of 1984 book.

Anyhow, It seems that the Chinese government got a No for an answer from Ozil because that it was announced on Friday that he was going to be removed from Computer game PES2020 in China as well as the Premier League Fantasy.

One Tweet and hashtags followed against China

In a huge development, on Friday  #China_is_terrorist hashtag in English and Arabic was trending in Egypt and other Arab countries.
The tweeps also tweeted the hashtag in Chinese and interestingly in Korean too. 
On Saturday, the anti-China hashtags are top trending in Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Malaysia too.
In Egypt, we have had different versions of hashtags like “#Boycott_Chinese_Goods” in Arabic and “#WeAreWithYouOzil” in English.
A graphic design calling for boycotting  China
A graphic design calling for boycotting

It is worth to mention that Twitter is blocked in China thanks to the Great Firewall of China and people use VPN to use it including Chinese Pro-regime Tweeps used to build so-called bridges with the Arabs on Social media like for instance @Chineseaffairs

There are popular calls now on Twitter and Facebook to boycott Chinese goods which technically is hard to implement as most of the things we use in our lives including for example the USB keyboard I use to write this blog post is Made in China.

Nevertheless, if this campaign is spread more than expected, it could force the Muslim countries to issue condemnation statements against China.
The Muslim countries’ governments dare not to speak about China because of their political and economic interest with Beijing.

Aside from its economic relations with Muslim countries government like in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Iran, Beijing depends in its foreign policies those magic words “ We do not give a damn for internal issues”.
Those magic words are perfect for the ears of those officials in the Muslim countries government I have listed and they wish to hear them from their partners in the West.

Interestingly the same anti-Western-intervention-in-Syria-by-it-is-okay-for-Russia-to-do-what-it-wants jumped in and began to spread Chinese official propaganda.
Many of those guys are leftists who completely ignore the Chinese regime’s imperialistic and capitalistic policies in Africa as well as its economic policies and human rights record in China because they are leftist against the West.
Those guys believe that the Uighurs’ suffering is just another Western lie spread by the Western media to be chewed by the so-called Islamists.
I am tired of debating or even seeing those guys online, they are one of the reasons I feel angry and depressed all the time.

Back to what we can do instead of praying. I guess we should continue to speak and lend our voices to the voiceless. China has got a huge problem with religious freedoms not to mention with freedoms in general.
This should be highlighted. There are Christian Chinese people who can’t practice their religion freely.
It is frustrating but honestly, those hashtags and tweets are better than nothing.

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