Tuesday, February 11, 2020

#11Feb : Al-Bashir to the ICC for crimes in Darfur

Today 11 February 2020 and it marks the ninth anniversary of that event that my generation and other generations in Egypt and the Arab world won’t forget: Mubarak stepping down after 30 years of rule in Egypt.
It was the magical moment that we touched the seventh heaven for real as Egyptian people regardless of what happened the next day.
It is a day that I and others will remember in a mix of pride, nostalgia and sadness on how things turned to be nine years later.
It started with the usual mix of sad nostalgia in Cairo for certain group and then the news came in the mid of the day from Khartoum to remind us that there could be justice, after all, a sort of justice.

The current Sudanese interim government of Sudan reached a historic agreement with Darfur rebel groups to hand over former president Omar Al-Bashir and two other unnamed officials to the International Crime Court “ICC”.

A file photo for the Arab world's worst war criminals, one is down and the other one is still on the loose thanks
to the international community
It has become a special day in the valley of the Nile.

In March 2009, the ICC issued an arrest warrant for al-Bashir over war crimes and crimes against humanity.

What Al-Bashir did in Darfur

The civil war took place in 2003 when two Sudanese rebel groups “Sudanese Liberation Army Movement” and the Justice and Equality Movement launched a rebellion against Omar Al-Bashir’s regime over economic marginalization.

Al-Bashir did not stand still and his army along with the infamous “Janjaweed” militias who came from Arab ethnicity fired back in what is considered a full genocide when you think about.

Most people in the Arab world ignore the following facts :

  • According to the estimations of the United Nations, since 2003 nearly 400,000 people were killed and died in Darfur whether through violence or starvation.
  • Omar Al-Bashir’s regime claimed that only 10,000 people were killed.
  • At least one million were displaced from their homes in the fight.
  • Rape was used reportedly systemically in the fight by the infamous Janjaweed as a weapon and according to some statics, not less than 9000 cases of rape were documented.

Many Sudanese people including prominent figures like late infamous Hassan El-Turabi claim that in one of the meetings the ousted president said that it was an honor for the women of Darfur to be raped by men from the East.
I heard this from Sudanese friends who confirmed the story.

Al-Bashir denied that there were rapes in Darfur claiming that the women that accused his soldiers of systemic rape that they were related to the rebels. “In an interview with Euronews in 2015
Rape has been systemically used by Al-Bashir regime against women in the most disgusting way.
If you remember, the Sudanese doctors stated that no less than 70 rape cases were documented during the infamous dispersal of the sit-in camp in Khartoum in summer 2019.

It is not a small thing but rather a big thing to see at last in our lifetime a war criminal like Omar Al-Bashir.
In fact, it is the first time that an Arab war criminal corrupted dictator would be handed to the ICC like that.

By the way, it is more than shameful how the African Union and the Arab league of states stood beside Omar Al-Bashir as organizations.
Needless to say, Africa won’t stand up as a continent as long as its despots are considered like untouchable false idols.
I do not have any doubt in my mind that some pathetic Al-Bashir sympathizers will appear always.

Congratulations to the Sudanese people especially in Darfur for this important milestone.

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