Sunday, March 8, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : Egypt's first Coronavirus death, Patients Numbers jump to 55 , queues for PCR Certificates and patient in critical condition "Updated"

First of all, Egypt’s ministry of health announced the country as well the continent’s first Coronavirus death case
According to the ministry of health, a 60-years-old German tourist who arrived in Egypt from 7 days ago.
The German patient was admitted to the hospital Friday 6 March 2020 after arriving from Luxor as he began to have a high fever.
He was found positive for Coronavirus on 7 March 2020 and at the same time, he was admitted to the ICU because his condition deteriorated but he refused to be transferred to the quarantine hospital in Marsa Matrouh.
His condition deteriorated more as he suffered respiratory failure caused by acute pneumonia. He passed away on Sunday 8 March 2019.
He is the first Coronavirus death in Egypt and Africa. I feel sorry for his death and I sincerely present my condolences to his family and friends.
We know that he is from Hamburg and actually his wife is currently being tested too.
Now according to my sources, the German patient was staying had spent a couple of days in a Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan.
The Nile Cruise boat and its passengers and crew members are being examined. We are speaking about not less than 100 people.
Hopefully, there will be no more outbreaks.

The numbers jump to 55 Coronavirus patients in Egypt

Egypt’s MOH announced that the Coronavirus patients jump in Egypt to 55 late Sunday evening
According to the MOH Spokesperson , 7 new cases included a male nurse who care for the Coronavirus Egyptian patient who came from Serbia and one of his relatives.
An Egyptian returning from “Umrah pilgrim” in Saudi Arabia as well as two relatives of one of the infected foreigners and another person who was on the board of M/S ASARA
This is not good at all.

The Central Public Health Laboratories’ sad scene

I am wondering if the Egyptian government especially the ministry of health expected or imagined the number of Egyptians who would stand in queues for hours on Sunday to get a Free-Coronavirus PCR Certificate so they can go and work in the Gulf from MOH’s Central Public Health Laboratories main headquarter !!!

Standing in front of the Central Lab in Downtown Cairo  by amazing Roger Anis
Standing in front of the Central Lab in Downtown Cairo
by amazing Roger Anis
Since early morning, thousands of Egyptians including whole families stood in queues that turned into human blocks for hours in front of the Central lab of the health ministry to get the LE 1000-PCR Certificate in Downtown Cairo.
Already, I do not think that the MOH or the government or anyone expected that scene because simply we did not take into consideration the desperate plea of the Egyptian migrants working and are going to work in the Gulf countries.

Standing in front of the Central Lab in Downtown Cairo  by amazing Roger Anis
Standing in front of the Central Lab in Downtown Cairo
by amazing Roger Anis
Needless to say, the lab is not prepared to receive that number in the first place. The whole street was blocked since early morning with Egyptians from all ages including toddlers who were brought by their parents.
Standing in front of the Central Lab in Downtown Cairo  by amazing Roger Anis
Waiting in front of the Central Lab in Downtown Cairo
by amazing Roger Anis
Some people were reportedly coming from cities and villages outside Cairo. They have been waiting for hours but in vain because in the end, the lab did not open its doors for that huge number.

Standing in front of the Central Lab in Downtown Cairo  by amazing Roger Anis
Waiting in front of the Central Lab in Downtown Cairo
by amazing Roger Anis

I do not know but this is a perfect scene for the spread of any virus in any country sadly. By the way, the ministry of health announced
Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia are the main destinations for Egyptian migrants.
They are demanding a recent Coronavirus-Free PCR certificate from all travelers from Egypt.

On Sunday , Kuwait announced that a Egyptian expat tested positive for Coronavirus but he did not come from Egypt rather travelled to Azerbaijan via the United Arab Emirates.
He did not visit Egypt in the past six months.
Kuwait has witnessed an intensified xenophobic campaign against Egyptian migrants by anti-migrants politicians and public figures so I can imagine how this will be hard for our Egyptian community there already.

Israel closed the borders with Egypt and banned visitors from our country.
Israel is not popular destination anyhow.
The Israeli government demands its citizens returning from Egypt to stay in home quarantine for 14 days.

Late Sunday evening , Saudi Arabia declared that it suspended temporarily the travel of its citizens and residents to Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon , Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain , Italy , Syria and South Korea.

Pray for the first Egyptian Coronavirus patient in Egypt

I guess we should pray for the first Egyptian Coronavirus patient discovered in Egypt because he is a very critical condition at the quarantine hospital.
According to Egypt's health minister Hala Zayed's statement on Amr Adeeb's TV show on Saturday, the condition of the first Egyptian coronavirus is not improving despite treatment.

All that we know about this patient is that he is 44-years-old and it is not clear if he is suffering from other health issues or not. He arrived late February from Serbia after a 12-hour transit in France.

He got sick and entered a private hospital on 29 February then as his condition got worse and did not improve, the hospital contacted the ministry of health for fear that he contracted Coronavirus. It is unclear though where he did contract the virus.

On 5 March, he underwent a PCR analysis and it turned out that he contracted Coronavirus and so the ministry transferred to the Quarantine hospital in Marsa Matrotuh. Hopefully, he will get improved inshallah.

Fourth, Tech Radar US managing editor Matt Swider turned to be among the 32 patients that were on the board of the misfortunate M/S ASARA that were transferred to Matrouh by a military jet and aside of his fantastic photos from our country Egypt, he has the only documented in photos first-hand experience of transfer to the quarantine.

I wish him a speedy recovery and that he continues his visit to Egypt by visiting quickly touristic attractions in Marsa Matrouh and Siwa.

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