Saturday, August 15, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : A New Week of COVID-19 Live Updates

It is a new week under the coronavirus pandemic, which will be for sure the Person of the Year on Time Magazine cover in 2020 along with the Medical teams around the globe.

Without the medical teams around the globe, things would have been worst by all measures including in Egypt.

Nermine Al-Mofty
A doctor during the coronavirus pandemic by Nermine Al-Mofty 

We owe much to the doctors and other medical professions in this crisis.

Officially, coronavirus is under control with daily numbers in 100s but unofficially people including friends and family in my circle report it is back.

It is noticeable that last week that I began to see many warnings that the cases began to reappear following the Eid and going to resorts.

Now without more talk, here is the weekly live updates

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