Friday, August 14, 2020

Senate Elections : Voting Gal Upper Chamber elections 2020 Edition

Unlike my Voting Gal posts, I have posted since I began voting in Egyptian elections in 2005, this post won't be long.

It will be a very short post.

I did not vote in Egypt’s Senate Elections nor go to a polling station on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Senate elections banners in the street
The Senate elections banners in the street 

Aside from the coronavirus pandemic, I did not support having an Upper Chamber in the first place especially it is toothless Senate.

The political parties with whom I share similar political and economic ideas are boycotting these elections

I won’t elect a list with the same NDP faces on it from businessmen tycoons as its stars while the rest of the names in the list are unknown to me and to others.

The same thing about individual candidates.

I only saw their banners and posters in those two weeks but I have not heard them or seen them in the media before

Some candidates used boldly fake twitter accounts and hashtags to support their candidacy and it turned in to comedy.

One candidate hired fake twitter accounts allegedly from the Gulf to support him !! I am ready to pay the fine for not going to vote. 

Anyhow, I am waiting to see what will happen in the upcoming House of Representatives elections.

It is supposedly going to be next November.

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