Monday, August 10, 2020

Egypt got Senate elections on Tuesday in case you do not know

In case you do not know Egypt has got Senate elections tomorrow Tuesday and Wednesday.
Yes, and already the Egyptians abroad should have participated and elected their representatives on Sunday and Monday via mail around the globe due to coronavirus pandemic.

Back in Cairo, most of the Egyptians would have not known that there would be Senate elections or Senate in the first place if it were not the big banners.
I would say that the Senate elections banners revived the billboard and outdoors ad industry after it was hit hard by the coronavirus.

One of the elections banners in Giza's Agouza
One of the elections banners in Giza's Agouza 

So here is what you need to know about the Egyptian Senate which is having a comeback :

  • The Upper Chamber of the Parliament returned back thanks to the 2019 Constitutional amendments.
  • The Senate is made up of 300 members aka Senators.
  • One-third of the Senate is appointed while the two-third are elections.
  • The Two-third is divided between One third elected in single-member constituencies and other third is elected.
  • The Senate will review and assess the laws passed by the House of Representatives.
  • Just read this report by Mada Masr for more background juicy details about it “How We Moved backwards

What party will win these elections?

  • Future of Homeland Party is expected to win the majority of the seats in the Senate, it is not a secret.”For about 180 to 150 seats”
  • There is a comeback for the former NDP members in the governorates through every major party including “Future of Homeland”.
  • There is a comeback for the famous NDPian businessmen as well as businessmen in general in this election. We got the famous Mohamed Abu Al-Enin running in Future for Homeland Party list in Giza, his famous old constituency since the days of the NDP and Ahmed Abu Hashima who is playing politics directly for the first time in Bani Soueif on behalf of the less-known Republican People’s Party.   
  • Al Nour Salafist Party is participating in the elections and it is not a surprise or shock except to those pretend to be Ultra-secular and not living in Egypt in the past 10 years to know more about Al-Nour Party.
  • Most of the opposition parties except the Egyptian Democratic Social Party, which joined the Future of Homeland List.
I will quote my aunt who said that the Senate in Egypt is like the 6th Grade in our Primary education system.

For 29 years, the Egyptian government has cancelled the 6th Grade then it reverts its previous decision and returns it back in an attempt to improve and upgrade the education system in Egypt.
Minister Tarek Shawky of education returned it back in 2017.

The thing is that the education system has not improved yet after all those years because it is not about the 6th grade itself about the whole education system in Egypt from KG1 to the University, what you teach to the younger generations and how you teach them in order to have a true future.

The same is with the Senate.

FYI, the House of Representatives elections should be held later this year, some say in November while others say in October

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