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UAE to have official normal relations with Israel : It is normalization out of a closet agreement , not a peace agreement

Last Thursday the United States, the United Arab Emirates aka UAE aka Emirates and Israel announced in a tripartite statement that the UAE and Israel decided to officially normalize the relations.

The statement added that due to the agreement Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu decided to suspend the Israeli plans to annex the West Bank. 

It was huge news because UAE was the first Gulf state and the third Arab State or rather the fourth state after Egypt, Jordan and Palestine represented in the Palestinian authority to have official relations with Israel.

The only difference is that UAE does not share borders with Israel and realistically speaking it was not directly involving in war with Israel and the Israelis are not giving back land as in the previous agreements.

It is about terms

The Pro-UAE Media including the Mainstream media tried to market that the agreement allegedly “saved” the West Bank in a historical sacrifice but it only took two hours to find Israeli officials saying themselves that the plans to annex the West Bank are not cancelled but rather suspended temporarily.

Emirati flag in Tel Aviv "Reuters"
Emirati flag in Tel Aviv "Reuters"

The Western media and the UAE media machine, as well as Israeli media, are presenting this agreement as peace agreement but it is not technically and realistically speaking.

There has been no war as far as I recall between UAE and Israel so there cannot be peace agreement logically speaking.

At the same time, you can’t speak about a true history made here when actually the two countries have had unofficial really that goes back to 2009 at least according to the Wikileaks.

Personally, I believe it goes beyond that.

The UAE and Israel had secret unofficial relations for quite some time.

Before UAE, we had unofficial relations between Israel and  Morocco, Oman, Tunisia, Qatar, Bahrain and even Saudi Arabia and Sudan

It is not a big secret.

I think that Bahrain will follow the UAE’s footsteps.

Sudan may do it too due to the political and economic pressure to remove its name from the infamous State Sponsors of Terrorism.

Some would say Oman but despite its foreign ministry issued a statement welcoming the agreement, its chief-Sheikh/Mufti slammed it religiously in big words. 

Some say it is a push for Donald Trump in the upcoming Presidential elections and Bibi in Israeli public opinion.

Honestly, I do not see how it will help Donald because for the average American Joe voter it does not really matter if Emirates and Israel have official relations or not.

Very few American voters will care.

Israel is a winner of course with an ally of Emirates in public like that but no one knows till when. It is good for trade and business on paper because we are living in coronavirus times. 

Emirates and other Gulf countries especially Bahrain think that Israel will grant them protection from Iran and Iran does not like this already and sees it as a provocation.

 I do not see or know how the UAE will truly benefit from this agreement in the long run. 

It is worth to mention that UAE is from the top trade partners with Iran as far as I have, it will be curious to see what happens next. 

Ironically, this agreement gave a new push for Iran and its ally Hezbollah in the region to restore their position as resistance icon against the Israeli occupation forces in the region.  It is like a gift from the sky for them. 

Now, will this agreement help the Palestinians ??

I do not think so and actually suspending the annexe of west bank can’t be a victory because in the first this should not happen under any circumstance

It is enough to read that the officials in the Palestinian authority did not know about the agreement except through the social media and wires like the rest of us.

The Palestinian Authority headed by Mahmoud Abbas “Abu Mazen” slammed it big time since the first hour.

In a desperate move, the Palestinian authority called the League of Arab States to convene urgently and up till now there is no reaction or statement issued by LAS about this agreement in the first place.

Also, I doubt that the LAS will convene for the sake of Palestine anymore.

By the way, Abu Mazen does not like the Emiratis because allegedly Abu Dhabi wants its loyal man Dahlan to be elected as a president and it is not a secret.

According to the Palestinian authority, the last time they had allegedly contact with Abu Dhabi was from four years ago.

This agreement did not speak even about Two-States solution where the Palestinian state’s capital is in East Jerusalem. This agreement did not speak about the apartheid policies imposed by Israel. It did not speak about the siege of Gaza. 

Needless to say, this agreement is the start of taking an important card the Arabs and Palestinians have enjoyed for a long time: Normalization with Arabs for land. This is a powerful card and it is being taken by the Trump Ultra-Zionist administration and it is for nothing actually. 

If this agreement was truly about the peace process and the Palestinians then the Palestinians should have been informed and participated in the talks.

There is fear among some that this agreement is a death certificate for the Egyptian role in the peace process but it is untrue despite how far Abu Dhabi wants to go and how powerful it is.

Egypt is still having its powers with its relations in Fatah and Hamas.

Egypt is still Israel’s neighbour.

Will this agreement bring peace to the Middle East !?

Nope, it won’t bring true peace to the Middle East.

It will bring something superficial instead.

This agreement is already a death certificate to the original Arab Initiative for peace which was proposed by late Saudi King Abdullah in 2002.

It was a more dignified offer: A full normalization with Israel for Israel withdrawing from the land it occupied in 1967.

Needless to say, no one speaks about the Arab Peace initiative anymore.

Netanyahu said once that the Arab people, not the governments were the one who are standing against the normalization and it is true

The Majority of the Arab people did not and won’t stomach Israel after this agreement as expected. 

In brief

Nothing good will come from Trump administration after recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Nothing good will come from Jared Kushner and the rest of those Ultra-Christian Zionists in Trump’s administration. 

By the way, the Emirati top influencers are telling other Emirati citizens to report their fellow citizens if they criticize the decision or the country’s leadership to the prosecutor general.

You can not find an Israeli influencer act like this. Freedom of speech is not something to mess within Israel, unlike its Arab allies or neighbours. 

You know interestingly you never read any criticism from any western country to the UAE and its freedom of speech record.

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