Monday, August 17, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : COVID-19 in July in graph or the big decline in hot summer in Egypt

We are back with this monthly post about the freaking coronavirus status in Egypt during the month of July 2020.

The month of June 2020 a decline in the daily infection cases and deaths as well as an increase in the full recovery based on the official numbers released by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

July witnessed a huge decline in the daily recorded infection cases of coronavirus across the country.

Comparing to the previous two months "May and June", it seems that the decline is obvious.

The most important decline for me is the decline in the official numbers of COVID-19 fatalities in Egypt because this means an improvement in medical care at the right time.

According to the official statements of health officials in the country, most of the COVID-19 victims are either reach hospitals in a very late status or suffer from chronic diseases.

On the other hand, there is an increase in the number of fully recovered patients in July.

These are the numbers of July which witnessed in its end the official end of a light semi-lockdown.

The government was reportedly encouraged by those numbers to lift up the lockdown and return back to business due to the economic pressures. As the numbers of daily infected cases decline, it seems that the public act carelessly unfortunately by all measures at least for the first two weeks in August.

Checking a student temperature earlier this year at Cairo University 

The Egyptian officials have been warning the public and it is enough to read that after taking a decision to end the work of certain centralized and fever hospitals in the country as isolation hospitals, they are back to business now.

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