Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : A look into 6 months of COVID-19 in Egypt in graph

It has been officially six months since Egypt witnessed its first coronavirus case in Mid February when a Chinese national tested positive for the virus and since then it had been a very long 6 months.

According to many is the first phase of the virus that infected nearly 21 million people around the globe, killing from them at least 774,000 at least according to the official numbers of the World Health Organization.

According to many experts, those 6 months have been actually the “first wave”.

Just like any other countries, Egypt had its ups and downs in this stage.

This is just an attempt to recorded those ups and downs in the graph to make it easier for us to understand what has happened.

All the numbers mentioned here are based on the official numbers released by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

Here are the COVID-19’s total numbers in Egypt from February to July 2020. You can click on the tab

Here is a breakdown based on monthly total cases, you can click on the tabs.

According to numbers, Egypt witnessed a peak in the infected cases and fatalities in the month of June.

Then Egypt witnessed a decline in both of them in and a huge increase in the case of the full recovered patients in July

Here is a detailed day by day breakdown for the infections in six months period from February to July.

Here is a detailed day by day breakdown for the fatalities for five months period from March to July.

May God bless the souls of those victims

Egypt did not record any deaths in February.

It is obvious how June witnessed the fatalities peak.

Here is a detailed day by day breakdown for the full recovery cases it is also for five months period but I included February.

Technically, our Chinese patient recovered in March.

These were not light months and actually, we must continue to be careful and worried.

Now there is an important disclaimer.

These are official numbers released by the Egyptian government.

The Egyptian officials themselves including the minister of higher education Khaled Abdel Ghafer admit that the number of coronavirus patients can be higher because you got patients who do not go to hospitals and treated at home without official stamped PCR certificate.

Some families in rural Egypt do not report fatalities for fear of social stigmatism.

The Pyramid told you Stay Home Stay Safe
from a couple of months ago

Already in July, it was common to hear that the doctors began to deal with a common cold or flu symptoms as corona’s in order to avoid its complications.

Nevertheless, in July Egypt witnessed a decline in the number of cases and fatalities compared to June.

But in August doctors began to report now that the cases began to reappear.

I heard cases from my family circle again.

It is not like in June but more of a reminder that the virus is still living and kicking.

Please be careful.

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