Saturday, September 12, 2020

Bahrain normalizes officially relations with Israel and some Bahrainis reject it “They do exist”

On Friday, Current US president-bigger-than-life Donald Trump announced that the Kingdom of Bahrain and Israel agree to Peace.

“The second Arab country to make peace with Israel in 30 days” Trump tweeted proudly on his very active Twitter account referring to the decision of UAE to normalize relations with Israel a couple of weeks earlier.

This is a miscomputation here because once again like in case of UAE,  Bahrain and Israel were not in a war and they had unofficial relations with Israel for years.

It is a normalization agreement to have official diplomatic relations between Israel and Bahrain.

As a crooked businessman, Trump and his cronies are trying to re-brand that so-called achievement in order to make it bigger than its true size in a cheap way.

UAE, Emirates and Israel are going to sign the so-called “Abraham accords” on Monday in Washington so Trump and Bibi have their moment to win more votes and supports.

Unlike UAE, there has been a very loud opposition online from Bahrainis to the decision as well as symbolic opposition offline.

Hours following the announcement of the White House, Tel Aviv and Manama, “#Bahrainis_against_normalization” hashtag in Arabic went top trending for hours and it is still active till now.

Anonymous Bahraini tweeps to self-exiled Bahraini political activists slammed the decision of Bahraini regime to normalize officially the relations with Israel rejecting it.

Interestingly they shared photos of the long and old Bahraini support to Palestine since 1948.

Photo's showing the old Bahraini volunteers who went to fought Zionist gangs in 1948 went viral.

Others shared articles about how old Bahrainis in the villages donated stuff and money to help the Palestinians with photos of Bahrainis protesting against the decision to divide Palestine in 1940s

Thousands of angry tweets reaffirmed the support of those Bahraini tweeps to the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinians.

Next morning we found tens of Bahrainis organized a small protest at night denouncing their King’s decision.

Here is a video from that rare protest.

I believe it is a very brave act from a very small bunch of Bahrainis to protest like that while knowing the consequences.

Protesting against Normalizing relations with Israel in Bahrain
No, No to Normalization "with Israel" from the protest
in Bahrain  

I have not seen international media coverage for those protests and I am not surprised because I know that foreign reporters in Bahrain have got that list of what to cover especially after what happened in Bahraini uprising in 2011.

Protesting the normalization with Israel in Bahrain
We, the people of Bahrain, the decision does not 
represent us

My two worthless Egyptian piasters about this “peace agreement”

No real “peace” will come from Jared Kushner whose family funds construction of illegal Zionist settlements on Palestinian territories and slams Palestinians every time he finds a media outlet.

No real “peace” between the Arabs and the Israelis will ever come from Donald Trump who looks down to the Arabs in the Gulf as money bags and is BBF with Islamophobic anti-Semitic white supremacists.

Most importantly, there will be no true normalization between the Arab People and Israeli people as long as the Palestinians do not have their fundamental rights, Al-Aqsa Mosque is under Israeli occupation along with Syrian and Lebanese territories under Israeli occupation.

The true normalization between the Arab people and Israeli people won’t be achieved truly while unelected undemocratic strongmen are in power in the Arab world.

What country is next in that big normalization party till the upcoming US elections?

No, it won’t Saudi Arabia and Sudan’s PM said that it is not up the interim government despite the economic pressures

Saudi Arabia will be late in its official normalization of relations due to its position in the Islamic world but let’s just say many including myself believe it will happen.

The normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel will be the last offering presenting by Mohamed Bin Salman to win the western approval or rather the American approval to become the King of Saudi Arabia. God knows there has been no controversial crown prince in the history of the Kingdom like him.

Again, those normalization agreements are like a kiss-of-life to Iran and its arms in the region above them Hezbollah and the Syrian regime aka “The resistance axis”.

Already I know that Iran is not okay with those official relations between its neighbours UAE and Bahrain so we will have to see the next move.

The next move will be after the US November elections and I won’t lie but I fear that agent orange will stay another four years.


  1. You are showing your hatred of the Jews. The Jews want peace and to share the land. You support them being dominated by your culture, or pushed into the sea and annihilated.Please explain to yourself why your country happily accepted asylum for Nazi war criminals, but why no Jews can live safely in Egypt. Get over your prejudice. Sal-am Shalom.

  2. Wow, Zeinobia. I knew you were steeped in loony Left dogma and thus had some provincial, quasi-Communist opinions; but for an Arab, you seemed refreshingly mellow. Unfortunately The Donald's YUGE win for world peace has thrown you into a spinning tizzy of confused hatred!

    Look out, everyone! Z is spewing poisonous lies!

    Oh, well. MAGA.

  3. Even CNN, which despises Trump, cannot help giving him credit, all day, where credit is due. I cannot remember CNN ever, in history, having said a single nice thing about him.

  4. Hi Zeinobia,

    Are you really not going to print what are entirely innocuous, mainstream comments from me? I mean mainstream in the context of contemporary American politics.

    Best wishes,

  5. They milked him to the last drop. He won't be re-elected!


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