Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile: Egypt’s COVID-19 November official numbers in Graph

This is the time of our monthly post about the coronavirus pandemic and its numbers in graphs.

yet before we go into our graphs, I must hint out when the head of the state aka Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi warned the public and said that people should wear their masks and follow social distancing rules.

At an Egyptian Metro Station in November by Sahl Bin Abdel Rahman

According to all health officials in the country, we entered the second wave of coronavirus officially in November and so it was not a surprise to see an increase in the daily rate of infections in this month.

We had constant warnings that we return to the partial lockdown if people do not follow the rules.

We are back to read and hear about cases in our areas and families once again. In fact, I forgot to say that this is the month that witnessed how Mo Salah and Mohamed EL-Nanny got COVID-19 in Egypt before they recovered. 

Now to the graphs based on the numbers released by Egypt’s Ministry of Health on a daily basis

According to the health officials, the numbers officially “doubled four times” in the past four weeks aka in November.

Also, these are the official numbers based on the people who go to the public hospitals and register in the ministry’s official logs.

There are many more in the self-quarantine in homes who got their PCR results from private labs and started to follow their protocol treatment personally away from hospitals.

Only those in the deteriorated health condition are transferred to hospitals according to Health Minister Hala Zayed’s previous statements.

Now to the Fully recovered patients in November

Somehow they are steady but sometimes they go as low as 67 in one day

Officially, the deaths did not exceed 20 per day.

Please stay safe and stay home as much as you can especially in Cairo, Giza and Alexandria because those governorates witnessed the surge in cases according to the ministry of health 
 It will be a while till we get those coronavirus vaccines.

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