Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day From Egyptian Museum of Cairo : From King Tut and Royal Wife

Happy Valentine’s Day from Egyptian Chronicles.

A little throwback to those days at the great, one and only Egyptian Museum of Cairo and the famous golden chair of King Tutankhamun depicting him and his royal wife Ankesenamun, which was found in his famous tomb

King Tut's Golden chair
King Tutankhamun and hi wife Ankesenamun on the Golden chair 

Ankesenamun, Tut’s half-sister was the daughter of Akhenaten and his Great Royal wife the beautiful Nefertiti.

This is one of the chairs depicting the Royal couple who once had their statues throughout the Egyptian kingdom before the era of the young king was ended and some attempted to erase his history.

But here we are remembering Tut and Anksen 1000 years later while those others are completely forgotten.

The chair is from the King Tut’s collection at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo which unfortunately will be transferred to the New Great Egyptian Museum.

Some of the pieces have been transferred already.

Here is a photo of Tut and his royal lady’s broken statue at Luxor temple.

King Tutankhamun and Ankesenamun statue at Egypt's Luxor Tempe
Tut and Anksen's broken statue, notice she was of the same
height like him

Anyhow Happy Valentine's Day

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