Sunday, March 28, 2021

Ever Green Saga : Latest updates and memes too of Suez Canal Blockage Crisis

This post is to share all the latest news, updates and memes “yes” of the Ever Green on-going Saga.

For those who do not know 10% of world trade is technically in trouble because since Tuesday a gigantic container ship blocked the waterway of Egypt’s Suez Canal diagonally

Evergreen from Space by Maxar Satelite service  for Getty images
Evergreen from Space by Maxar Satelite service 
for Getty images
There have been daily attempts by Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority to refloat the Japanese-owned Ever Green Container Ship with the help of Dutch Salvation but so far the attempts have not met any success.

Thus the third and the worst case which is offloading the gigantic ship will be on the table and that will take time.

Anyhow here is our Egyptian Chronicles live blog update on everything Suez Canal.

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