Friday, August 6, 2021

Coronavirus on the Nile: 18 months of Covid-19 in Egypt in graphs

Another monthly post as part of the Covid-19 coverage in Egyptian Chronicles.

This time it is a quick look into official Covid-19 numbers in Egypt after 18 months since its arrival to the country in February 2020.

According to Minister of Health Hala Zayed in early January, the official numbers of cases represent between 10%-15% of the real number of cases worldwide Egypt included.

Egyptian doctors in a coronavirus isolation hospital
Egyptian doctors checking an X-ray at a public isolation hospital in Cairo "AFP

Those official numbers represent the patients who enter the ICUs in designated coronavirus isolation public hospitals in the country in critical condition according to official statements, not the mild cases of coronavirus or those who receive treatment at home.

Here is the graph, it is interactive so you can click on it and click on the tabs to compare between 2020 and 2021.

As you can see official recorded daily cases and fatalities reached to its lowest point in the year 2021 in July.

In fact, we had in July 2021 the lowest number of daily cases officially since March 2020 !! We had more cases in April 2020 than in July 2021 officially.

We had in July 2021 the lowest number of daily Covid-19 fatalities since October 2020 officially.

From June 2021 to July 2021

The total numbers of official registered cases went down from   June “18,632 cases” to July “2,980 cases” by 843%.

The total numbers of officially registered fatalities went down too from June “ 1,073 cases” to June  “355 cases” by 66.9%.

Meanwhile, the total number of officially registered recoveries also went down from June “19,272 cases” to June “18,984” by 1.9%

Comparing to July 2021

Now compared to July 2020, the numbers declined sharply as I hinted above officially we had fewer daily cases in July 2021 than in April 2020.

In July 2020, we were just coming out of the peak month officially in the first wave of coronavirus.

Again there is no doubt that the amount of knowledge and experience the Egyptian medical sector got in July 2021 is bigger than in July 2020.

The total numbers of official registered cases declined in July 2021 “2,980” cases” comparing to July 2020 “25,767 cases” by 88%

The total number of official fatalities cases declined in July 2021 “355 cases” comparing to July 2020 “ 1,852 cases” by 80%.

The total numbers of official recoveries cases increased in July 2021 “18,984 cases” comparing to July 2020 “21,178 cases” by 10%.

18 Months in graph day by day

Here is the Daily coronavirus official case count in the past 18 months.

Here are also the Daily official fatalities cases count and Daily official fully recovered patients case count in 18 months.

Now interestingly in July, Egypt’s statistics agency “CAPMAS” stated that deaths in Egypt were up by 31.3 % during the first six months of 2021 compared to the same period in 2019.

Vaccination updates

We do not have official daily or weekly updates from officials but thanks to websites like Covidax Live we may get a hint on the progress of the vaccination in Egypt so far.

According to the latest update on the website, Egypt officially administrated 5.6 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines.

In the end, you can follow Egyptian Chronicles’ Live coverage for all things Coronavirus in Egypt and the Arab world throughout the month.

Stay well, stay safe and get vaccinated.


  1. If the Covidvax site is up to date and correct, I don't know why Egypt has vaccinated only 4% of it's people and population? Is it because the Vaccine is hard to come by?

    Thanks for updating, as we wonder.

    Deb in US AZ.

    1. Well , we do not have enough vaccines this is for a start. Plus , there is no enough media campaigns to encourage the citizens to get vaccinated. Hopefully this month we will get several vaccines in large quantities and this can push thing forward :))

    2. I heard that Egypt would be receiving more vaccine. It's been a month now, has anything changed?

    3. Yes , huge change ... we had a huge boost as we received lots of vaccines in this months . We are speaking about more than 11 million vaccinated. It is small number but still huge step


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