Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Egypt in the second week of #Tokyo2020 : A new Bronze medal in Wrestling this time

Egypt has scored its third medal in Tokyo 2020 Olympics on Wednesday and it feels good again after really depressing results.

23-years-old Mohamed Ibrahim El-Sayed aka Kesho won the bronze medal of the Greco-roman 67kg event after beating the 2018 World Champion Artem Surkov of Russia Russian Olympic Committee.

Egypt's Kesho after winning a medal in Tokyo 2020
Kesho and his bronze medal "Reuters" 

Kesho won the game despite he was injured.

Kesho's bronze medal is Egypt's eighth Olympic medal in Greco-roman Wrestling {two gold, three silver and three bronze}.

Egypt's Wrestler Kesho in Tokyo
Kesho after winning the game on Wednesday "Reuters" 

Greco-roman wrestling is considered the second game in Egypt after weightlifting yielding medals in the Olympics.

It is the third medal we got in these Olympics as Egypt scored its first two medals in this edition of the Olympics when Taekwondo fighters Hedaya Malak and Seif Issa won bronze medals in their weights.

It is like our little bronze age in Egypt.

Here is Kesho celebrating his victory.

This celebration reminds many people of what Egypt’s Gold medalist Karam Gabr did with his coach when he got his Gold medal in the Athens 2004 Olympics.
Kesho and his coach :) "Reuters" 

Here is our wrestling team celebrating in Tokyo.

Some achievements we must mention

Aside from our third bronze medal this week, there are some Egyptian athletes who managed great and historical results despite their failure to achieve medals.

I won’t speak about our handball team yet because I am scared of jinxing it but I am so so proud of their achievement to become the first Non-European handball team ever to reach the semi-final. “We are going to play France on Thursday”.

24-years-old Diver Mohab Ishak stunned everyone when he finished 11th of 12th in the Men’s 3m springboard final after scoring 393.15 points on Tuesday.

Mohab Ishak in a very iconic shot in Tokyo 2020 "Reuters"

This is Egypt’s best position in the game in the Olympics since 1948 when it was a Kingdom.

Kamal Ali Hassan was the last Egyptian diver to reach the final 73 years ago in London, where he finished seventh.

Most of us did not know that we are competing in this game nor that we had this talented young man.

Equestrian duo Nayel Nassar and Mouda Zeyada did a good job in the Men’s individual jumping’s first round but did not make it to the final yet they can improve.

Nassar had a lot of attention in the Egyptian media and social media in a silly due to the fact that he is the future son-in-law of Bill Gates.

Nayal Nassar
Nayal Nassar in Tokyo 2020 "Getty"

No one cared to track his sports record and sees what he needs. 

Inshallah, we can get medals in Paris 2024 if those guys continue their hard work.

There has been a lot of talk concerning the fact that Qatar’s Weightlifting Olympic Gold Medalist Fares El-Bakh is of an Egyptian origin who played under the Egyptian flag for years. It was like a slap in the face, especially he was under the Qatari flag.

Despite the reconciliation of Qatar, the mainstream media still portrays it as an enemy.

El-Bakh had to leave the country and play with Qatari passport as the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation completely neglected him.

His father Ibrahim El-Bakh aka Ibrahim Hassouna who is an accomplished veteran weightlifting champion had fights with the federation reportedly and that’s why they neglected his son !!

Already Ibrahim Hassouna worked and lived in Qatar and the Qatari officials did not waste any time providing him and his son with all the support and money they need.

There was an unjust comparison between Fares and Nayel Nassar as someone mentioned that Nassar is more patriotic than Fares. It is not about patriotism here as much as luck Nassar may not tolerate the treatment of other sports federations.

Egypt’s Weightlifting Federation already caused the doping scandal and suspended our team which could have achieved gold medals due to the fact that our players were given banned enhancers without their knowledge

Once again we are repeating the same talk about how corrupted the Egyptian sports federations are and how they destroy the athletes’ potentials forcing them to quit or even to emigrate under another flag. 

Kesho has already his own drama with the officials of the Egyptian Wrestling Federation as far as I read.

I won’t speak about the scandals of the Olympic football team because there is no use to speak about it.


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