Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Egypt in the first week of #Tokyo2020 Olympics : 2 Bronze medals so far

On the fourth day of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Egypt scored two medals in not more than 20 minutes.

Yup, Egypt scored the bronze medals in Taekwondo on Monday in less than 20 minutes to be precise.

Our fantastic Taekwondo fighter Hedaya Malak secured the first Tokyo medal for Egypt after beating Paige Mcpherson of USA 17-6 while competing for a bronze medal of the 67kg event.

After ten minutes of Malak’s victory, our Taekwondo fighter Seif Issa won the second bronze medal for Egypt after beating Andre Richard Ordemann of Norway 12-4 in the Men -80kg Bronze Medal Contests on Monday.

Seif Eissa and Hadeya Malak
Seif and Hadeya with their medals in Tokyo "Getty" 

It was a relief after three days of ongoing and unfortunate losses and disqualification to have those bronze medals. 

20 minutes made millions of Egypt happy for real after huge disappointment in the first three days.

Now I am happy Hedaya Malak got a medal in Tokyo 2020. It is her second medal in the Olympics after her bronze medal in Rio 2016.

She made real history in the Olympics this time.

Hadeya Malak is the first Egyptian woman to carry the Egyptian in the Olympics procession according to the new rulings of the IOC committee leading our biggest delegation ever in Olympic history. "It is the biggest in Africa and in the Arab world" 

She carried the flag along with Egyptian Olympic medalist Alaa Abouelkassem, who won a silver medal in the men's foil event at the 2012 London Games “Abouelkassem failed to score a medal despite his great efforts

Hadeya is the first Egyptian and Arab woman to win a medal in two concessive Olympics, Rio and then Tokyo.

Hadeya Malak in Tokyo
Sweet Hadeya after winning the match carrying the Egyptian 
flag high in Tokyo "Getty" 

The cheerful first Arab woman to win a medal in Taekwondo in Rio 2016 had a couple of rough years as far I know with the federation as usual.

Hadeya before the Olympics in those five years had an accident, got married and gained weight so there was a talk in the bureaucratic federation she may not be our best option but guess what !? Against all odds, she went and played in weight and earned us a medal.

Now moving to Seif Eissa, our Olympian star.

Seif Eissa holding the Egyptian flag high in Tokyo
Seif Eissa holding the Egyptian flag high in Tokyo "Getty" 

The 1998-born is a promising Taekwondo fight and he won a bronze medal before in the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics in China.

He is very modest and polite.

His coach became a star and had a meme now as he was filmed screaming “30 seconds and you will be Olympics champion, boy”

A pure Egyptian moment. “I also want to thank the Jordanian Taekwondo team that supported us on that day, their fight got a silver medal and I felt we should have one big fiesta in the empty hall”

Eissa is the first Egyptian man to win a medal in Taekwondo in the Olympics. He reminded Egyptians that we can rewind the days of Egypt’s legendary Taekwondo fighter Amr Khairy.

Some achievements we must mention

Aside from the two bronze medals we score, there are some Egyptian athletes who managed great results despite their failure to achieve medals.

Egypt’s Men Fencing team finished fifth place for the first time in the Olympics in Tokyo.

I can’t also ignore our Ping-Pong hero Omar Assar that stood against China’s Ma Long in a way that earned him the admiration of many.

Omar Assar
Omar Assar in that unforgettable game "Getty" 

Assar is the first Egypt and Arab to reach a quarter-final and I believe he has a great future inshallah.  

I won’t speak about the football team or the handball team now.

Now as some big names we thought they could get us medals like swimmers Farida Osman failed to achieve anything, people began to repeat the same discussion every four years on why we fail to score more medals in the Olympics.

Once again we are back to speak about how much the government spends on sports aside from football and its federation, which is a valid point. We are back to speak about the corruption in the sports federation and Olympics committee whereas our players got very small financial support.

A lot of discussions but nothing will be achieved as usual.

It is another original closed circle but maybe we can break it, we will break it one day and we will have more medals inshallah as the Olympics have not finished yet.

Needless to say, these are very soulless Olympics by all measures without an audience or proper cheering or fun. God damn coronavirus.

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