Saturday, August 7, 2021

Egypt near the end of #Tokyo2020 : A new and a first bronze in Karate Kumite

It is truly Egypt’s Bronze age in Tokyo 2020 Olympics !!

Egypt has scored its fourth medal in Tokyo 2020 Olympics on Friday and it is Bronze.

Karate fighter Giana Farouk with her bronze medal in Tokyo
Karate fighter Giana Farouk with her bronze medal in Tokyo "Getty"

26-years-old Egyptian Karate fighter Giana Farouk claimed the bronze medal of the Women’s Karate Kumite’s –61kg event after losing by Hantei 1-1 to the Chinese Karate Fighter Xiayan Yin who got the silver medal later.

The Karate Egyptian queen made a true history in Tokyo.

Giana Farouk is the first Egyptian, Arab, Muslim and African woman to win a medal in the Olympics in Karate Kumite.

Thanks to Al-Ahly Club Karate Fighter, Karate Kumite is the 8th game Egypt scored a medal in it since the launch of the Olympics.

Farouk will also carry the Egyptian flag in the closing ceremony of the Olympics in Tokyo on Sunday.

This is the first time the general public in Egypt is introduced to Giana and they fell in love with her. She was that girl her mom used to take to the club to learn Karate as a child after school and she is grown up now. 

Karate is a popular game in Egypt and thousands of children practice it. You can imagine how they feel to see an Egytian Olympian in Karate now. 

“I am sorry that I did not get you the gold medal” With these sweet words the Young Pharmacist hugged her coach after the game in Tokyo winning our hearts before our minds in Cairo and other Egyptian governorates for real.

Hashtag “ Moroccan referee” has been top trending in Egypt in Arabic since Giana’s game as many Egyptians tweeps believe she deserved to reach the final game but the referee Metyout Zitouni who is Moroccan was biased towards the Chinese player who made errors.

Giana Farouk aka Giana Lotfy as she is commonly  known abroad during the game "Getty"
Giana Farouk aka Giana Lotfy as she is commonly  known abroad during the game

It is not the only Egyptians who believe that she was robbed of a victory. Also, foreigners who followed the game on Friday believed this too.

Anyhow Queen Giana is reportedly thinking about quitting to focus on her family.

She has engaged a year ago.

The former world champion told an Egyptian TV channel later on Friday that she would get married as soon as she gets back to Cairo. It seems that her husband works abroad and she will have to leave the country with him. She have not known if she can continue playing and training or not.

Needless to say , there are rumors that Karate won’t enlisted in Paris 2024 Olympics and do not ask me why. I do not understand why Squash is not included and breakdancing has been included in the Olympics." starting from Paris 2024”

Personally, I wish she continues but may be she wants to focus on her personal life now she made a historical achievement in the Olympics. 

Now Giana is the fourth Egyptian Olympic medalist in this year after Taekwondo fighters Hedaya Malak and Seif Issa won bronze medals in their weights and wrestler Kesho. 

I won't hide but I am glad that Hedaya and Giana won medals while wearing a veil to send a message to those bigots that Muslim women whether veiled or not can achieve medals in kick-ass games aka martial arts.

Now some interesting numbers I knew today. 

Giana Farouk aka Giana Lotfy as she is known abroad is the fourth woman to win a medal in the Olympics for Egypt. 

Farouk’s medal is considered the 36th for Egypt in its Olympics history.

It is the 19th bronze medal we got in addition to 7 gold and 10 silver FYI.

Within hours , Egypt’s Golden Handball team is going to play Spanish team over the Bronze medal too.

Personally, I hope this team gets it because those boys are hard-working players for real.

P.s I fear watching the game already

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