Thursday, October 14, 2021

Modern Egypt’s unexplained files: The Coronavirus Vaccine packages in a village canal and El-Sahel Microbus "Updated"

Egypt got mysteries; it is an established fact.

Yet unfortunately, the world is focusing on Egypt’s old mysteries only and is ignoring its modern mysteries for some mysterious reason for real.

We got real interesting mysteries that can baffle you enough to know that those modern Egyptians are the true descendants of those ancient Egyptians, and they continue to create mysteries.

Like for instance those days we got two mysteries in one week: The mystery of the Covid-19 vaccine packages dumped in some canal in Upper Egypt and the mystery of the White Microbus that fell from a bridge and vanished into the Nile with no trace whatsoever.

Let’s start with the first mystery: Why were there thousands of Covid-19 vaccine packages in some canal in Upper Egypt !??

Last Thursday, citizens of a village called Abshaq near Bani Mazar town in Minya governorate found discarded packages of Chinese Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine in a water canal.

The packages of Sinopharm vaccine as they were found discarded 
in a rural village in Upper Egypt

In no time, photos and videos showing the discarded vaccine packages went viral on social media creating an uproar and soon the Public Prosecution announced that it was investigating the incident.

On Sunday, the Public Prosecution issued a statement announcing more details in the cases after its initial investigation.

According to investigations, the discarded vaccines were allocated to the Minya Health Directorate and, after inspecting its inventory, it was found that there was a shortage of about 18,400 vaccine packages worth LE 5,023,200.

A total of 13,412 packages were found in the canal that are now unusable, as they needed to be stored in a special cooling fridge, the Prosecution added. Accordingly, there are 8,944 packages that remain unaccounted for, where they had gone is another mystery.

The prosecution announced also that it arrested three suspects on that day: a pharmacist, a truck driver, and a warehouse keeper.

The pharmacist who works at the Minya Health Directorate was assigned to receive packages from Cairo to transfer them to the warehouse in the directorate using the driver.

Based on the investigations, the prosecution believes that there has been some form of negligence in the process as the Pharmacist did not accompany the packages as he should. He left it to the driver who transferred it to the warehouse with a shortage. The suspects have so far presented two contradicting versions of how the packages were lost.

The two versions involve robbery, but one involves an armed robbery on the highway while the other involves a robbery while the driver was resting in some local café on the way.

Now that statement did not answer the questions on why were the packages dumped in a water canal? Who did that? Where have the other 8,944 packages gone?

Is it the action of some anti-vexxer Upper Egyptian who decided to take matters into his hand and found some friends who acted like thieves to save the population …etc...?

Was it some stupid deal and some idiots believe that the vaccines can be smuggled into the black market of wild Upper Egypt but then realized you need cooling refrigerators!?

There is neglect without doubt, and I believe this neglect did not only occur this time, it happened before but it was exposed eventually in this strange and sad way considering the way those vaccine doses can protect and save lives.

Hopefully, very soon we will know the truth and I got answers to my questions.

The Mystery of El-Sahel White Microbus

Moving to Great Cairo, we have an ongoing mystery that the Prosecution is investigating but can’t find an answer to it.

On Sunday, the authorities announced that there was a search and rescue operation conduct in the Nile River after a microbus fell off the El-Sahel bridge — which connects Cairo earlier that day.

News reported that eyewitnesses stated that Ahram Portal a white microbus fell into the river after the driver lost control of the vehicle while driving at a high speed. 

Till this moment, nothing was found in the Nile and the search and rescue operation divers began to believe it is a bluff after hours of searching. News reports say that the alleged eyewitnesses were questioned again by authorities.

What is odd for me is that in the age of mobile phone cameras, we have not got a single video shot right after the alleged incident uploaded to Facebook or Tiktok as it is the custom now.

We do not have any official footage from the bridge itself because surprisingly El-Sahel bridge has no CCTV camera.

Nevertheless in some surprise, security sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm that CCTV cameras of Imbaba police station which see the bridge from far spotted some white object falling into the Nile at the same time the citizens reported the accident but that object could not be identified. This report led to speculations.

Old videos of a similar microbus pulled from the Nile in an old sad accident were shared but soon they were debunked

Police and journalists went to ask the local microbus stations in El-Sahel and Imbaba to ask if there are missing microbuses or drivers and the drivers there told them that no one was missing.

It is a good move, but this alleged microbus could be from another station or even from another area or even another governorate.

On the other hand, Cairo and Giza security directorate reported that there have been no missing reports concerning a microbus driver or even passengers who take this route.

Elsahel_microbus” has been top trending in Egypt in Arabic as people are trying to understand the mystery of this microbus with the contradicting news reports here and there.

Interestingly, I found a tweep who said that she was on the bridge that day at the same time.

“I was on my way to my grandma, and I passed through this part of the bridge, it was two cars away when I saw a lot of dust from the broken part of the bridge fence and people standing there while others running and saying that a microbus fell with people into it, the microbus did not break the fence it was already broken,” Maha Al-Helaly said.

Ms Al-Helaly made it clear that she did not see any microbus falling or any accident.

It is also correct that part of the bridge fence was already broken since June 2019 according to Akhbar Al-Youm's report on how such a thing imposes a danger on public safety. 

Updated on Thursday : 

The Ministry of interior says that it found no microbus but some big white car cover in the bottom of the Nile. The Ministry said they made a demo and threw a white cover with the same size and the Imbaba police station CCTV camera recorded it and the video came identical to the video captured on Sunday.

Wild theories began to jump in and what started as jokes on Twitter became some wild theories in metaphysics and “God only knows”. I have started to read about parallel universes and black holes in the Nile to the level that I do not those people are speaking seriously or not.

My aunt told me that a new website published a report about some witnesses claiming that the microbus was a ghost microbus!! Yeah, it seems that there was another microbus that fell into the Nile three years ago allegedly from the same bridge!!

I feel that this witness is a crackhead!!

The case of the Microbus is more than interesting because of how it was established as a fact in the first 12 hours then it was debunked then it was resurfaced to become a modern urban legend of its own, a mystery of its own.


  1. Thank you very much for the info/thread about the dumped vaccines. I hope there will be some punishment for such negligence ..terrible.

  2. "considering the way those vaccine doses can protect and save lives" Oh please, Zeinobia. The Chinese vaccine is even worse than the Western versions, which kill more healthy young people from blood clots than they save from covid. It's chock full of graphene oxide and crap.


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