Sunday, December 19, 2021

Qatar’s National Day on Cairo Tower : Someone is confused

On Friday, Egypt’s Cairo Tower celebrated Qatar’s National Day for the first time.

The famous Tower landmark was lit up in marron and purple to celebrate the Gulf State’s National Day on December 18th.

Cairo Tower lit up to celebrate Qatari National 
Day on Friday

Simply the Embassy of Qatar in Cairo requested to celebrate its National Day using the Tower and paid it for it.

Needless to say, Cairo Tower would not approve the request if there is no from the political leadership.

It is considered a clear sign of how things improved between Cairo and Doha following a cold war since 2011 or even before and the infamous Arab Quartet’s boycott of Qatar in June 2017.

In case you do not follow the Middle East news, before Trump and Co.would leave the Oval in January, his son-in-law Jared Kushner led a reconciliation agreement between Qatar and the Arab quartet aka Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt in what is known as Ula Declaration.

Cair Tower lit up to celebrate Qatari National  Day on Friday
Cairo Tower lit up to celebrate Qatari National 
Day on Friday

Now the regime or rather President El-Sisi’s supporters are angry and furious online on how the state forgot what Qatar had done to Egypt in those tens and allowed this to happen and how we celebrate Qatar’s National Day on Cairo Tower.

They claim that Qatar was responsible for the murder of hundreds of martyrs in Sinai and Egypt and that the Gulf state funded the 25 January revolution and Muslim Brotherhood to bring down Egypt …etc.

They are confused

Unfortunately, I can’t blame all of those people because they have been fed for nearly ten years all sort of hate and conspiracy theories towards Qatar day and night in mainstream media and social media where they were deliberately forced to ignore the simple facts in international politics or the real facts on the ground.

Then suddenly in January, they found Egypt along with UAE, KSA and Bahrain signing a declaration of reconciliation and in November Abdel Fattah El-Sisi greeted Tamim bin Hamed of Qatar warmly in Glasgow’s COP26 !!

Those people are not following up that there are growing Qatari investments in Egypt too !!

Sisi and Tamim in Glasgow in November "Egyptian Presidency"
Sisi and Tamim in Glasgow in November "Egyptian Presidency"

I still remember when notorious Egyptian TV host Ahmed Moussa used to launch hashtags against Qatar and its Emir like “#Tamim_is_mentally_ill”  to Lamis El-Hadidy who mocked Tamim and called him Tim-Tim.

I have not forgotten how Amr Adeeb who works in Saudi-funded MBC Misr mocked the Qatari armed forces nor how news websites published a series of reports calling that Tamim was in-closet gay.

I still remember online trolls spreading hashtags like #Tamim_is_gay, which is full of homophobic slurs yet left on Twitter to this day. Tamim’s mother, Sheikha Moza had a huge share of insults in a disgusting way.

It was like a daily segment !! 

This campaign has its an impact on many and they are now asking themselves about what happened, is Qatar the angel or the demon !?

It is neither, it is a country. It is another country. It is like UAE, KSA and Bahrain with its own interests.

Sadly I feel sorry that Egypt was involved in this media war in this disguising way regardless of what.

It reminded me of the infamous Radio wars in the 1960s between Egypt’s Gamal Abel Nasser and Jordan’s King Hussein.

As far as I remember no one won that war of the words and both Nasser and Hussein had to reconcile officially after the Six Days war defeat.

I thought someone should have learned something from that radio war but I am wrong, nobody learns from history nor reads history correctly in the first place.

By the way, I do not know what I think but I believe the Qatari regime came out of that boycott with more gains than the other four countries.

The biggest losers in that boycott were the Arab people in those countries who were forced to hate each other madly when their rulers forgot their fights, reconcile and laugh together.

The biggest victims of that boycott are the Arab people in countries like Libya who paid one hell of a price due to the Qatari-Emirati rivalry fight.

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