Thursday, January 6, 2022

Kodak Agfa Presents : Shurba’s Christmas in video and photos “7th January Edition”

Merry Christmas again from Egyptian Chronicles to all those celebrating Christmas tonight per the Orthodox Church above them the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt.

The nativity scene for sale at Cairo's Shubra
The nativity scene as sold at the San Ibram store in Shubra 

This time the Christmas is according to the Julian Calendar. And the majority of Christians in Shubra have been waiting for this day to celebrate it since December.

Christmas lights in Cairo's Shubra, Egypt
Christmas lights and decoration in the old streets of Shubra 

Interestingly many people knew about the Christmas decorations in Shubra when the Egyptian press began to pay attention to the Christmas Decorations market.

Again all the attention goes to the upscale decorations in areas like Sheikh Zayed and New Cairo to the level that there is a joke that went viral in the social media that the Vatican did not spend on Christmas decoration all this money Sheikh Zayed and New Cairo spent.” 

Christmas lights in Cairo's Shubra, Egypt
Shubra's main streets celebrated Christmas on both sides 

It is worth mentioning that the state or the government or the district is behind. It is more of a public initiative whether in Sheikh Zayed or New Cairo or even Shubra. You got companies, malls, compounds and in the case, in Shubra you got shops, merchants and MPs behind those decorations.

For instance, the gigantic Christmas tree in Shubra at Tarea Al-Bolaqia street is a gift from MP Ehab El-Tahawy of the Mostaqbal Watan Party to his Shubra Constituency.

Christmas tree of Cairo's Shubra
Shubra's biggest Christmas tree was a gift by MP Ehab El-Tahawy

El-Tahawy is the Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives.

This tree and others in the street are designed and made by Amir Ghattas, the owner of the San Ibram store which is the biggest store for Christmas decoration stuff in Shubra. 

Christmas trees in Cairo's Shubra
The other big Christmas trees designed by Ghattas in the street 

Both Ghattas and Al-Tahawy are members of the Mostaqbal Watan party in East Cairo’s Shubra constituency.

Nevertheless, I do not think that people pay attention to this political affiliation or publicity not to mention Ghattas has been in this business for decades. 

Christmas decorations for sale in Cairo's Shubra
The second San Ibram store at El-Tarea El-Bolaqia in Shubra 

People want to be happy even for a few moments and merchants want to gain money in hard economic times.

Taking photo with Santa at Cairo's Shubra
Snapping a photo with Santa in Shubra 

I read statements for Ghattas that there were problems in the imported Christmas goods’ shipment from China due to the latest global shipments problems but they were solved eventually.

Christmas decorations for sale in Cairo's Shubra
Christmas merchandise for sale in Shubra 

The Christmas ornaments, some dolls and figures, some Christmas trees “expensive ones” and reindeers are imported. 

Christmas reindeer in Cairo's Shubra
The imported golden reindeer 

Surprisingly, I knew for the first time that there are Egyptian handmade Christmas trees and decorations sold in the market.

Christmas trees in Cairo's Shubra
Egyptian handmade Christmas trees and garlands 

They are different shapes, styles, colours and sizes of those trees.

Christmas trees in Cairo's Shubra
Egyptian Christmas trees 

The Christmas garlands are also made in Egypt.

Christmas decorations for sale in Cairo's Shubra
Christmas merchandise and decorations from every kind in Shubra

According to one of the sellers I spoke with the Egyptian made Christmas decoration products are made in workshops that work starting from January right after the end of the Orthodox Christmas till October.

So we have another hidden industry working silently for years.

Christmas decorations for sale in Cairo's Shubra
Egyptian made Christmas garland and the new year decorations 

It is indeed a whole industry like Ramadan lanterns and decorations.

Some may think as marginal but actually, it opens a lot of houses from workshops to sellers to shops to seasonal street vendors.

Christmas decorations for sale in Cairo's Shubra
A very little shopkeeper at San Ibram store 

I know I may sound like some orientalist but this is the first time I go to this area in Shubra in this time. “I have not gone to Shubra for years”

I was surprised to see this scene and actually, it was a warm joyful scene.

Christmas decorations for sale in Cairo's Shubra
Crowded buzzing Shubra 

A real Cairene Christmas where East meets West naturally and normally in normal coexistence.

Christmas decorations for sale in Cairo's Shubra
Plushy Santa , Christmas wreath and 2022 decorations 

This is Shubra indeed, a working-class area that listens to Shaabi and Maharagants more than Western Christmas music

Christmas decorations for sale in Cairo's Shubra
Selling Christmas decorations and smiling at the camera from afar

You can see a slide show of the whole album of the photos I have taken during my quick tour in Shubra here 

In the end, I will share again the video I shot in Shubra for its Christmas market in December.

I hope my voice in Arabic is not that bad. It got English subtitles. 

Merry Christmas again 

Taking photo with Santa at Cairo's Shubra
Strike a pose with Santa 


  1. Love your Christmas photos!

    1. I am glad that you love them :)
      Merry Christmas :))

  2. I agree with Deb on this one. Beautiful photos and I enjoyed the video very much. I don't think I've ever heard your voice before! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc.

  3. Thanks for the fantastic Christmas photos and video. Very impressive decorations for Cairo, just as bright and joyful as Ramadan.


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