Sunday, February 20, 2022

And Ethiopia began generating power from GERD, What next !?

Despite all the warnings by both Egypt and Sudan , despite all the requests of the international powers and organizations, Ethiopia began to generate power from its Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in yet another unliteral move.

On Sunday , Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed congratulated all Ethiopians as GERD’s first turbines began to generate power.

Abiy Ahmed , his wife and Pietro Salini , the CEO of WeBuild
Abiy Ahmed , his wife and Pietro Salini , the CEO of WeBuild Group

He went to the location of the dam and celebrated with the workers and Italy's WeBuild Group officials  the start of the first turbine's operation.

Needless to say , I do not think all Ethiopians are in the mood of celebration especially those in the Tigray region.

Do you know that there is no fuel in the Tigray region so World Health Organization can distribute needed medical supplies ? I know those in extreme need for the medical supplies in Tigray do not give a  damn.

The Ethiopian refugees won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of GERD in the refugees camps.

I am amazed at the Western hypocrisy on how they are keeping their eyes and mouth shut about the ongoing genocide in the Tigray region.

I saw countries and leaders being punished for less but may the developed Western world think it is a norm in Africa and there is no use.

Anyhow Ethiopian officials have already declared it in January that the dam to be biggest in Africa upon completion would start generating power in February.

The Ethiopian regime needed GERD to make the public feel its achievement with all what is happening in the Tigray despite their recent military victories.

Ahmed is in a desperate need in such move and propaganda to gain some popularity in his war-torn country.

That’s why he won’t give up to Egypt and Sudan’s fair demands easily

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry commented on the big event in a very small comment saying that Ethiopia has violated the 2015 Nile Declaration of Principles again.

The Foreign Ministry added that it was not the first time the upstream country violates the Declaration of Principles signed by the Ethiopian Prime Minister. “His name was not mentioned”

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry reminds us that it violated in the first filling of GERD in 2020 and the second filing of GERD in 2021. That’s it.

A reminder , Egypt has long had its own concerns about GERD that it may reduce its share from the River Nile as the population increases whereas the country suffers from water scarcity and unknown consequences of the climate change.

Sudan has concerns on the safety of its own dams as well as its ability to build future projects on the Nile.

The second downstream country is also angry on how the Ethiopian officials do not share information as required on time.

I do not know if Sudanese officials pay attention about what happened on Sunday or GERD at all after the 25 October Coup  or Sudan’s rulers like Mohamed Dagalo has no problem for real with Ethiopia.

Last month , Dagalo who has investments in Ethiopia visited Addis Abba.

Unfortunately , the Sudanese civilian officials in the government who really understand the dangers of GERD file and spoke about the Sudanese rights and criticized their Ethiopian counterparts resign above them former Foreign Minister Dr. Mariam al-Sadiq al-Mahdi and former PM Abdalla Hamdok.

As someone who followed closely the GERD, I can say that Hamdok’s Pre-25 October cabinet was among the best Sudanese cabinets that dealt with the GERD issue in a realistic way. I remember that the Sudanese officials had an idea to international sue WeBuild Group as a form of pressure but where those officials now !? 

In Cairo , I think many citizens have questions to ask "What next !?" and 'What will Egypt do to safeguard its true needy water share' but the Egyptian media is busy in covering other trivial issues as usual.

For myself , I wonder again what the Egyptian government seriously can do now more than complaining to the world about GERD and that Ethiopia should sign the God damned legal binding agreement for the filing and operation policies of the dam according to a timeframe and refrain from unilateral actions. 

They start operating the dam already on Sunday unilaterality. So , what is next ? 


  1. Oh Please, Zeinobia. You may as well change your name to Debbie Downer the way you blather on about Tigray. Can't Ethiopia celebrate their awesome new dam without haughty Cairenes who do nothing but carp and cavil?

  2. What will the Egyptian government and its wise, gallant, liberator, general Seesee do? Nothing. What is his (un?)intellegince agency doing? Busy passing that business law in the parliament?

    If they are smart enough, they would strike the dam right now and destroy the turbines, while the world is occupied with what is going on in Eastern Europe.

    I don't think the current incompetent Egyptian leadership is capable of doing anything other than terrorizing its own people and embezzling more money.

    1. :D are you a retard or something...grow some brain and enjoy the dam- Ethiopians built blood and sweat.

    2. Hahahaa Anonymous, Yes, Fear in Egypt may indeed be "a retard or something". Hail, Ethiopians! Turn on some lights and enjoy your new dam! You have earned it!


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