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Ramy Fahim's case: The Multi-layers of an Egyptian tragedy on American soil “Chapter one: Let it be the will of God”

It is out of the box now; it is not a secret. The lady minister admitted on Saturday and now it is the talk of the town openly.

Nabila Makram and Ramy Fahim
An old photo of Minister Nabila Makram
and her son Ramy Fahim from several
years ago 
Egypt’s Minister of emigration and Egyptian expatriates Nabila Makram announced on Saturday that her son was accused of murder in the United States and is currently standing a trial.

Yes, Minister Nabila Makram’s son eldest Ramy Hany Mounir Fahim has been charged with two counts of murder and is currently standing a trial in the United States.

“Let it be the will of God,” said the minister in her short statement adding that she and her family are going through a difficult time following the accusation of her son committing a murder crime in the United States.

“The court has not issued a final verdict yet.” She said adding that fulfilling her responsibilities as a minister in the Egyptian government does not contradict being a faithful mother who faces bravely her son’s plight.

“Regardless of the consequences, I am as a minister holds my full responsibility towards my position and demands of my work and I separate obviously between what is personal and what is public,” she said.

“As a mother, I ask you to pray for me and for my family in this ordeal and I pray with you for my son Ramy and for the victims who met their lord” Her statement read.

In a last plea to the media, the minister called it to be careful in what is published and to consider honesty and humanity in dealing with that ordeal that befell an Egyptian family waiting for a ruling that is still in the knowledge of the unseen and in the conscience of the judge.

Since that statement, she has not appeared in the mainstream media or we read about any activity for her in the ministry, instead, all the TV news night shows called people for her support.

As usual, the Pro-regime supporters hurried for her and her son’s support despite 24 hours prior, they were claiming that reports speaking about Makram’s son and his arrest in the United States were another Muslim Brotherhood’s media machine attempt to defame the successful Coptic Christian Woman in El-Sisi administration or some Western attempt to attack Egypt.

Already on Thursday and Friday, the story began to find its way online after nearly a month under wrap thanks to Islamist-MB leaning Arabi 21 that reported the case and claimed that Nabila Makram attempted to resign but her resignation was declined.

Maybe without that report, we would not have known what happened in Orange County.

What happened at Stadium House apartment on 19 April: Official version

On 19th April 2022 at around 6.30 AM, 26-years-old mildly injured Ramy Hany Mounir Fahim was arrested at a Katella Avenue apartment in the city of Anaheim, California.

It was not his apartment nor the city he lived in, it was the apartment of 23-years-old Griffin Cuomo and his roommate 23-years-old Jonathan Bahm who were both stabbed to death.

23-years-old Jonathan Bahm and 23-years-old Griffin Cuomo
23-years-old Jonathan Bahm and 23-years-old Griffin Cuomo 

Following two calls reporting an assault taking place, the policemen arrived at the apartment to find Fahim there mildly injured where they got him an ambulance as a victim of assault. He was transferred to a nearby hospital to receive treatment. Following an interview with homicide detectives, he was placed under arrest for the murder of Cuomo and Bahm.

A large knife that is believed to be used as the crime’s weapon was located at the crime scene. Fahim’s Silver Honda Civic car was found nearby the building where the two victims lived.

This is what Anaheim Police Department said on 20 April officially in its statement about the horrifying crime. No clear motive was given in the statement.

Ramy Fahim's mugshot
Ramy Fahim's mugshot

The crime shocked the community as it seems because the crime happened in an upscale area. The Anaheim police officers that spoke with the media said that the crime scene was one of the most violent crime scenes that they have seen.

On 22 April, the District Attorney of Orange County charged Fahim with two counts of murder, and two enhancements each of lying-in wait, multiple murders, and the personal use of a deadly weapon.

The DA added that Fahim is facing the death penalty because he was charged with special circumstances murders for stabbing his coworker to death and then stabbing his co-worker’s roommate to death in their apartment.

The special circumstances of lying in waiting and multiple murders make him eligible for the death penalty. According to the DA’s office that revealed more information, a building security guard had encountered Fahim on the apartment complex’ roof at midnight on April 18, 2022, just hours before the murders.

Fahim was seen on the same floor of the victims’ apartment the morning of the murders. “There is a ring video clip from the neighbours that was aired on US news local channels showing him derailed if I would dare and say”

The young man is currently being held without bail at the Intake Release Center.

Ramy Fahim’s first arraignment was on 6 May 2022. The next new bail hearing and arraignment for Ramy Fahim will be held on 17 June at the court’s North Justice Center in Fullerton, California, in room N3

Here is in a nutshell what happened and anyone who only even watches US crime and court TV shows knows that this is a huge crime, and it is a true tragedy.

The fact that Ramy Fahim is facing a possible death penalty and it is huge. It created headlines because death penalties are controversial in the United States as you may have known.

It is a huge escalation and it created headlines considering the fact that death penalties are not fully prohibited in the United States. Capital punishment in California is a legal penalty because it is not allowed to be carried out as of March 2019 because it was halted by Democratic California governor Gavin Newson.

After nearly a month

After nearly a month, Arabi 21 and New Al-Araby published the news on Friday.

it was already published by many US and Western websites like the infamous “Daily Mail” whose correspondent in Egypt will have a blast with the new connections revealed, Law & Crime which earned a huge fellowship thanks to the Depp Vs. Heard trial in the Middle East and Think Advisor which follows the news of financial institutions and companies. Oxygen too published information about the case.

It is worth mentioning that none of those websites spoke about Fahim’s background other than he was an “Irving” man. Even in the TV coverage from the US local news channels that reported the crime in April about the “Irving” man.

Now I do not understand why we waited a whole month for this to be announced and I do not know why Nabila Makram continues in its position when naturally she has to be in the United States.

I feel truly sad for Makram as well as Cuomo and Bahm’s parents because no parent should undergo this under any circumstances. It is a nightmare and I do not think that the current way adopted in the Egyptian mainstream media will make it light.

We are in front of a tragedy that can turn into a Netflix or HBO documentary series and God knows after now Makram’s statement I knew how the news now will head to another level.

Ramy is the eldest son of Nabila Makram. His father is an engineer and businessman who lived for a period in the United States. He got younger siblings, Andrew and John who live with their parents in Egypt.

In the second part of our post, I will share more details known about Ramy, myths and reality about this ongoing case or rather ongoing tragedy that made the lady minister the most talked-about woman in Egypt in the past few days.

All that I can say for the first time in the modern political history of Egypt, a son of an incumbent minister faces a possible death penalty in a double homicide in a foreign country and it is a multi-layered affair.


  1. California governeor Gavin Newsom suspended death penalty in 2019. Due to covid, many court sessions are broadcasted (livestream) on YouTube.

  2. Thank you for the story.. I had little details on the subject and now you shed more light.. thanks

  3. Really though, your English is garbage. It is painful to read this article because your writing is so horrible. Not only your English, but even the facts that you wrote are wrong and inconsistent. Clearly, you do not know anything about the United States lol. Of course, you will probably never approve this comment.

    1. I'm an American, and I thought she did a pretty serviceable job considering it's not her first language. (She did say "Irving man" though, which is hilarious. Irving is like... a stereotypical Jewish nerd name, lol.)

    2. I am American and thought she did fine! English is a tough language, and even with some minor grammatical errors I could still understand everything.

  4. Is that the best you can do is criticize this person’s English ? Two young men just starting their lives are dead having been brutally stabbed to death by the accused Ramy Fahim. I think the focus here should be on making sure Ramy Fahim is convicted and spends the rest of his life in jail. If the table was turned and an American was in Egypt and stabbed Ramy Fahim to death with a huge knife I highly doubt that American would not be prosecuted if not executed by now.


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