Monday, June 6, 2022

Her name was Ghufran Harun Warsaneh and she was the second journalist to be killed by Israel in less than a month

Late Ghufran Warsaneh
A month has not passed after the cold-blooded murder of Palestinian American veteran journalist Shireen Abu Akleh and we got another journalist killed in a cold blood while doing her job by the only democracy in the Middle East’s Army , the Israeli Army.

On Wednesday , 31-years-old Ghufran Warsaneh was just doing her first news report from the field to Al-Quds radio station in the South of occupied West Bank when she was shot down by the Israeli Army.

It was her third day in the job.

Contrary to the testimonies of Palestinian eye witnesses , the Israeli army claimed that the young reporter was trying to attack the soldiers by a knife mentioning the fact that she was a former detainee in Israeli detention for three months

That was Ghufran’s first job as a reporter after being released from three month detention at an Israeli occupation prison. 

Here was late Ghufran during filming a project for her faculty.

Not so shockingly anymore , the Israeli occupation forces also attacked Ghufran’s funeral just like they had done with late Shireen !!

Unfortunately Ghufran is not an American citizen nor used to work in one of the biggest news networks in the Middle East and the world, her case does not capture a lot of attention outside Palestine.

Ghufran Warsaneh
The funeral of late Ghufran Warsaneh

Needless to say that being an American citizen and working in Al-Jazeera did not help late Shireen Abu Akleh either because now we got a newspaper like New York Times is still wondering who killed Abu Akleh after mounting evidence that she was killed by Israeli occupation Forces !? I wonder what the editorial board will say about late Ghufran Harun Warsaneh.

Speaking about Shireen Abu Akleh , do you know that hundreds of Israeli settlers called her a whore in chants in East Jerusalem at Al-Aqsa Mosque gate in a way that shows their true view towards Arabs , women and journalists too late last month at their flags parade thing !?

Oh and they chanted against Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” again !! Very civilized people !!

As long as Israel is not held accountable for its army’s crimes , Ghufran won’t be the last journalist , civilian, woman and Palestinian to be killed.


  1. Gazaky Allah khier

    1. God bless you too, Sir or Madam.

    2. Noa Lazar. Remember her name.


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