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Egypt’s Femicide epidemic continues: her name was Amany El-Gazzar and she was 19 years old

Her name was Amany El-Gazzar and she was only 19 years old. She was a junior studying at the Faculty of Physical Education. She and her family lived in a small village called Tukh Tanbisha in Mounfia governorate’s Birket El-Sab.

Amany El-Gazzar
Late Amany El-Gazzar

Amany El-Gazzar was standing in front of her house on her way back when she was shot down from her back by a young man Saturday evening.

El-Gazzar was reportedly shot down by 29-years-old Ahmed Fathy Emira who fled the scene according to the eyewitnesses. She was shot down by a shotgun pistol.

Security authorities said that it found the dead of Emira on Sunday after he committed suicide. 

Amany El-Gazzar was transferred to a hospital in a nearby city but all attempts to save her failed. She was already gone.

Her last Facebook public post was at 11:24 PM on Friday and it read. 

“In my eyes, I am a good person but for your eyes … just put some eyedrops” Some considered an ominous self-obituary the girl who got a sense of humour according to her Facebook posts wrote without even knowing that it would be the last thing she would publish publicly.

You are a good person, dear Amany who did not deserve this.

Amany's killer
Emira, who killed Amany and then killed himself

According to El-Gazzar’s family, friends and neighbours, Emira who is a distant relative of her father wanted to marry but she and her family rejected him several times. One of her friends on Twitter said that the girl’s engagement to another man was going to be this week.

Emira is known as a drug addict who got an intermediate diploma degree, which is a lesser degree than a University degree. El-Gazzars rejected him because of his bad behaviour

There is no doubt that Emira planned his crime and his escape. I think his shotgun pistol was one of those pistols handmade and used by thugs. 

Amany El-Gazzar’s murder was another copycat murder inspired by the murders of the late Naira Ashraf and Salma Bahgat.

It is like a wave that started last June with Naira and now we got Amany. Those are known names that reached the media, but I am sure there are other women who paid the price of rejection in that period too.

We got another so-called rejected lover who decides that this woman should not be for anyone else, a scorned lover who can’t tolerate being rejected!!

Sadly, Amany El-Gazzar was murdered in cold blood on the same day the lawyers of Mohamed Adel, Naira Ashraf’s infamous murderer presented their appeal to the court in Mansoura.

Thousands of mourners walked participated Amany El-Gazzar’s funeral Sunday afternoon in that small called Tukh Tanbisha in Mounfia governorate as the trial of Salma Bahgat’s murderer kicked off in Zagzig, Sharkia.

Amany El-Gazzar
Late Amany looked so young 

I can’t ignore the fact that the latest wave of femicide crimes involving women turning down men are all in the Nile Delta, the heart of the Egyptian countryside with morals and values.

I do not know but in the past, we used to have criminology and sociology units in the Universities sharing their research on different types of murders so that society and institutions can learn from their mistakes.

We rarely read about them in our media unfortunately nowadays when we are in desperate need of a truly scientific and sociological explanation.

I know we live in a patriarchic eastern society where men can’t tolerate being rejected but we need a thorough study based on science on how one murder in June inspired those murders within the span of three months or even less.

Is it the media or rather the social media and that sympathy and support Naira Ashraf’s infamous murderer Mohamed Adel got from Egypt and abroad that gave some sort of motivation to the other murderers!!?

Also, I just fear that that type of femicide becomes the new norm in Egypt. Naira Ashraf’s murder was like a shock to society especially since the murder was recorded on CCTV and then Salma Baghat’s murder came, that shock is no longer a shock, and it became regular news.

It is scarier now that people began to deal with it like normal news. It is scarier than ever.

Now all I think about is when and where we will have our next victim, unfortunately.

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  1. This is a worldwide problem, not just Egypt unfortunately. We have a sizeable proportion of young men who don't know how to take a woman's refusal, it's mind boggling their sense of entitlement and their idea that they can just murder anyone that doesn't agree with them. This tragedy is heartbreaking and infuriating.


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