Sunday, September 11, 2022

Happy New Egyptian Year 6264

Happy New Ancient Egyptian Year 6264.

Today is the first ancient Egyptian Month “Thout” or as we call it in Arabic “Tut”.

Hieroglyphs on a sarcophagus at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
Details on a granite sarcophagus At the Egyptian Museum of Cairo 

As you may have known or not actually, the New Ancient Egyptian year/Coptic Orthodox year starts on 11 September from the Georgian Year.

There is an Egyptian Proverb about that month in Arabic “Tut, come and kill the heat”. This is in reference to the end of summer in September aka the fall.

Happy new year and I hope it brings better news

FYI, the oldest calendar in the world was discovered in Scotland and this was a brand new fact for me. 

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  1. Mind you that the currently used calendar is based on the Ancient Egyptian calendar & no other calendar can claim that glory.


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