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Israeli Occupation Forces Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan Night : Once again "Updated"

Early Wednesday morning, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) entered Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem attacking Muslim worshipers and transforming the holy site into a chaotic war zone. Photos and videos summarized what happened there.

Israeli occupation forces after storming Al-Aqsa Mosque complex  "Twitter"
Israeli occupation forces after storming the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex 

 For real, thanks to the mobile phones that enabled us to see this horrifying assault.

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the Al-Qibli prayer hall in the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex opening the doors of hell on the Palestinians there and to be honest the rest of the Palestinians and Israelis as usual.

Fire erupted in one of its parts due to the firing of gas bombs by the IOF. That scene reminds me of the awful fire at Al-Aqsa mosque in 1969.

The videos showed IOF soldiers storming the hall with their boots and also beating the worshipers staying to pray all night in Ramadan including women with their batons.

According to Palestinian sources, tens were injured including women. Some are suffering critical injuries and there are reports that Palestinian ambulances are not allowed to do their job in the first place.

That’s a head injury of one of the worshipers at the Mosque. 

Palestinian woman worshiper injured.
Palestinian woman worshiper injured 

There are other Palestinian arrested according to Palestinian lawyers too. Palestinian journalist and activist Mohamed El-Kurd reported that they were over 200 Palestinian arrested.

Updated: Over 400 Palestinian were tied and detained from Al-Aqsa Mosque early Wednesday. They were shuttled in buses and given numbers instead of names. Most of them were released hours later after being beaten and mistreated while over 150 are still detained according to activists. 

The Mosques in Jerusalem called the local men to protect the third holiest place for Muslims.

Here is the havoc created by the Israeli occupation forces after leaving the place. 

The Jordanian Foreign Ministry was the first to denounce the storming in a statement issued at about 2 AM Amman Local time in a strong-language statement. Jordan demanded Israel withdraw its forces effective immediately from Al-Aqsa Mosque holding Israel for any escalation.

In case you do not know, Jordanian Royal Family is officially the custodian of the Jerusalem Holy Site whether Islamic or Christian. Thus, King Abdullah II is the custodian of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Egyptian Foreign Ministry also issued a statement condemning the attack telling Israel to cease those actions immediately. It also held Israel or rather the occupation authority “the first time to see this term used by the Egyptian government in ages” the responsibility for that escalation that undermines Egypt’s efforts along with regional “Jordan” and international partners “ USA and EU” to reach some stability.

This escalation comes after two weeks after the Sharm El-Sheikh follow-up meeting where the Palestinian Authority and Israeli government reaffirmed on Sunday in Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh commitment to work on ending unilateral measures for a period of three to six months.

That specific Sharm El-Sheikh meeting was aimed to lower tensions ahead of the Holy Month of Ramadan as well as Passover and Easter in Palestine.

Updated: Jordan and Egypt are calling for an urgent meeting for the League of Arab States. 

Needless to say, those officials should have known better. Already it was the annual tradition of Israel to escalate matters in Ramadan since 2012 if I remember correctly then we got Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing fascist cronies led by Itamar Ben-Gvir.

It should have been expected especially since Ben-Gvir heads now national guards force which Israelis themselves call explicitly to be right-wing militia.

The infamous national security minister already vowed to close Al-Aqsa Mosque in the face of Muslims in the last ten days of Ramadan. He also called the Jewish people to ascend the Temple Mount to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque.

I hope Ben-Gvir does not cry a river and scream when Palestinian Jihad returns to fire rockets. Update: It started. On second thought, this is what Bibi and his cronies want.

Again an official reminder: According to international laws and United Nations security council resolutions above resolution no.242, Israel must withdraw effective immediately from East Jerusalem, West Bank and Golan Heights and return back to the 4th June 1967 borders. 

East Jerusalem including what is commonly Mount Temple is an occupied territory. Period. 

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  1. The Jordanians are custodians of nothing. Israel can do what they want. But if Muslims behave like genocidal maniacs they will lose all the privileges the Jews allow them. Arabs are from Arabia. Look at the history of the Jordanian Royal family. Do they have any connection to the area? They've only lived in the area for a couple of generations. Imperial, colonial, imposters.


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