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Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “A magical tree” #EP14

Ramadan Karim😀

And we continue our tale for this year the tale of Mando.

I couldn't let the fact that we have a magical apple tree in this tale pass so peacefully. If you're into world myths, folk tales, and mythologies, you may know that trees have played an important role in the world's collective imagination for centuries.

For example, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the forbidden tree is believed to be an apple tree. In Islam, it is simply a forbidden tree with some fruit, and Adam and Eve share the guilt equally.

In Greek Mythology, the apple tree appears in a different place than Hesperides' garden and is associated with love and Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Moving to the north of Europe, we find the magical apple tree of immortality from which the ancient Nordic deity Idunn fed apples to other deities to remain young and immortal.

In the British Isles, there are numerous significant apple trees, starting with Avalon of the Arthurian legend, which means the island of fruits that mostly identify as apples.

Now back to the East and the world of the One Thousand and one nights.

Let’s refresh your memory with last night’s episode.

Second, here is the 14th night of our nights this year which is the 476th episode of the “One Thousand and One nights” Radio show after the break. 


In the court of King Kahlan, Shando makes a request for the hand of the princess in marriage, unaware of the King's identity. He offers the three golden apples as dowry for the princess, but when the King demands to see the apples, Shando presents a basket full of garbage instead.

The insult angers the King greatly and he demands to know who Shando is and who his father is.

Shando confesses that he works as a garbage collector, just like his father, which enrages the King further. He orders his guards to arrest Shando and imprison him.

The unfortunate turn of events saddens Princess Wardshan and she stops riding horses. Meanwhile, Mando, still upset about what happened to his brother, discovers that the magical tree in their backyard has once again produced three golden apples.

However, when he tries to claim them, his elder brother Hando says that he deserves the apples since he discovered the tree first. Tanbal and Zumora side with their biological son, leaving Mando disappointed once again.

The tree and its golden apples as imagined and illustrated by Adobe Firefly 

Hando takes the golden apples in a basket covered with a cloth and heads towards the palace. Along the way, he encounters an old woman sitting by a well and speaking to the water.

He speaks rudely to her and lies about the contents of his basket. The old woman curses him, praying to the heavens to give him what he deserves.

The outcome of Hando's journey to the palace and his request for the princess' hand in marriage is yet to be seen, but perhaps tomorrow night, Allah willing, we will know whether he succeeds or fails.

Here is the episode televised

Till tomorrow night inshallah.

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