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Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Three Golden apples” #EP13

Ramadan Karim😀

And we continue our tale for this year the tale of Mando.

Before we go and see what happens in tonight’s episode, a little info about the “golden apples”. Golden apples have always had their place in the world’s legends and fairy tales.

The oldest recorded mention of golden apples was in Greek mythology. The golden apples were a wedding gift to Hera from Gaia and were protected by a great serpent called Ladon at the Garden of Hesperides. “Yes, you read it right a great serpent protecting a tree producing golden apples of the nymph garden”

Golden apples were mentioned also in Irish mythology as well as European fairytales.

In the original One Thousand and One Nights book, there is a mention of three apples, but they are not golden apples. Rather, they are a type of apple in the tale "The Tale of the Murdered Woman", which is among the short tales in the book. The tale is a murder mystery that Scheherazade shared in the early nights, indirectly addressing her husband's issue with women.

Now we will go and see what happens to the three golden apples in our tale but first, let’s remember how they suddenly appeared in our tale.

Second, here is the 13th night of our nights this year which is the 475th episode of the “One Thousand and One nights” Radio show.


Once Tanbal returned home, he shared the great news with his family. Mando, his son, was crestfallen after discovering he could not wed his love, Wardshan. Ever truthful, Mando recounted all that occurred to his parents.

As Tanbal relayed the news, the herald passed by their humble abode and Mando overheard the proclamation. 

The King had declared that whoever brought three golden apples in a basket as a dowry for the Princess would earn her hand in marriage.

In the midst of the herald's departure from their neighbourhood, Shando called his parents and brother to inspect something he found in their backyard garden.

An tree bearing golden apples as imagined by Adobe Firefly
A tree bearing golden apples as imagined by Adobe Firefly 

An old dead tree, suddenly rejuvenated, began bearing fruit - not the ordinary kind, but three golden apples. A miracle transpired before them. Mando desired the apples so he could ask for the Princess's hand, but his eldest brother, Shando, insisted on taking them because he discovered the tree first.

Their parents supported Shando, and Mando conceded. The apples were gathered, and Shando set off to the palace, concealing them in a basket and covering them with a cloth.

On the way, Shando grew thirsty and stumbled upon a well. An old, destitute woman was drawing water from the well's edge. Shando spoke to her discourteously, without any respect for her age.

She inquired about the contents of the basket, and he replied that it was garbage. 

The old woman murmured "garbage, garbage," while beseeching the heavens to give him what he deserves. Shando left her and continued to the palace, hoping to win the Princess's hand.

God willing, tomorrow night we shall discover whether Shando is successful in his quest to marry the Princess.

Here is the episode televised

Till tomorrow night inshallah.

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