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Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Love written in fate” #EP12

Ramadan Karim 😀

And we continue our tale for this year the tale of Mando.

Tonight, without any spoilers, the bride’s dowery in the Arab/Muslim culture is brought up. Unlike the common practice in India, in the Arab/Muslim culture, the groom is the one who presents a dowery to the woman.

I found out that many in the world whenever they read the word “dowery”, automatically think about the Indian practice and think Arabs and Muslims follow it. Well, it is vice versa in our place in the world.

Now we head to know how a certain “dowery” will play another important role in our tale for this year, the tale of Mando.

First, let’s refresh your memory and hear last night’s episode.

Second, here is the 12th night of our nights this year which is the 474th episode of the “One Thousand and One nights” Radio show.


In those days, the love of Wardshan and Mando blossomed and grew stronger. Mando opened up his heart and expressed his love to the Princess, and to his joy, Wardshan reciprocated her love for him.

Mando confided in Wardshan that he felt like they were connected in the spiritual realm even before they met in the physical world. Though their love was pure and true, their happiness was not to last long.

Wardshan's father had sworn an oath not to force her into marriage against her will, but now a wealthy prince named Washmir seeks her hand in marriage. The Princess was distressed and conflicted, for she did not wish to marry anyone other than the man she loved.

Mando urged her to stand by her father's oath and refuse the prince's proposal. Wardshan was hesitant, but Mando encouraged her to speak to her father and request that he allow them to marry.

However, Mando did not disclose the true occupation of his father, a garbage collector, to the Princess. This omission angered her greatly, and she demanded that he make amends before she could agree to marry him.

A young man from the One Thousand- and One-Nights Book universe as imagined  by Midjourney AI
A young man from the One Thousand and One Nights Book universe as imagined 
by Midjourney AI 

Meanwhile, Shahlan and his wife were furious that their son had failed to win Wardshan's heart. The Vizier believed that Washmir was the young man whom the Princess had been meeting secretly.

Shahlan was determined to get rid of Washmir and ensure that his son would marry Wardshan.

The King had pledged not to force his daughter into marriage, but the situation was complicated by Washmir's proposal. Shahlan came up with a plan: he suggested that the King demand that suitors bring three golden apples in a basket as dowry for the Princess. This way, Wardshan would be free to choose her own husband.

The King approved of this idea and ordered his herald to spread the word throughout the kingdom. The announcement of Wardshan's dowry spread far and wide. The fate of the Princess now hung in the balance, and only time would reveal what destiny had in store for her.

Here is the episode televised

Till tomorrow night inshallah.

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